Deerfield Beach, Florida
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We bought our furniture 4 years ago this coming February. We only live in Florida six months a year so furniture hasn't been used much.

Paid almost 4000 dollars for the set. All Leather pieces are peeling badly. Have natuzzi leather recliners for 18 years and they are in perfect condition. Thi s stuff is real garbage.

I am very upset that I just paid off this stuff and now have to throw it away an buy new furniture.Can this leather be fixed ???

Do you think Rooms to Go will do anything to remedy this situation. I have read statements by others who have the same problem and rooms to go don't want to do anything.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Rooms To Go Pros: Salespeople nice.

Rooms To Go Cons: Poor quality product.

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Both my friend and myself have the same exact problem of complete falling apart of the leather sofas. She bought it only because she loved mine and now we are both stuck with junk sofas.

These were barely sat in and should have never been peeling like this. Clearly a major defect they are covering up and not taking care of customers. This happened to my leather stools as well quite possibly the same manufacturer. We were going to head back where we purchased the sets at the Perimeter mall Atlanta GA locations to see what they will do.

I spent a lot of money beyond sofas and expect a quality product not junk that peels. Warming to anyone to stay away from rooms to go anything leather as you will regret it.


I have the same issue with some dining chairs . What a waste of money.


Same here!! Paid good money for very poor product italked with rooms to go , they said they would give me $850.00 in store credit, a year agobut now they said i can only get 45$45].00and pick up furniture, They can have this awful furnitureebut i refuse to spend another dime in rooms to go!!!! I am very upset about my hard earned money

@S Spencer

I am very upset about furniture I paid very good money for and it peeled very bad , i work to hard for my Money!to give it away!!!!! I am so shocked they treat me this way!!!!!!!!!!


Same ! Bought set of 6 dining room chairs and table in FL, hardly used.

It is literally decomposing when you sit on a chair. horrible garbage !


Same!!! My set is 3 years old..

we don’t live full time in florida either so hardly even used to sofa . So infuriating


I googled this topic thinking my situation was an isolated event. I purchased a leather sleigh bed and I was hurt when it started peeling.

I thought I had done something wrong. I definitely wouldn't recommend purchasing leather from RTG.


I brought furniture from room to go it peeled real bad I pay $4,734.00


We are deeply disappointed to hear this! Please send us an email with your order info to and we’d be happy to help any way that we can!


I am very disappointed in Roons2G. I have been buying furniture from them dor several years and I came home for tje holidays and my office sectional is peeling like crazy.

We barely sat on this couch and when I called they offered my $75 that is an insult fot a 2000 couch.

I will be looking into filing a lawsuit because the selling fake leather and giving the customer the impression that itl is real. They just lost a valuable customer.


My Sofa has peeled so terribly over the last few years. I was told that there was nothing that could be done about it. ROOMS TO GO IS A RIP OFF (No Pun intended).

If anybody hears of a solution to this please let me know.


Our sofa made it a little over 3 years, but it has now started to peel. We also purchased the "leather protection" and used their recommended cleaner.

The sad thing is, this sofa is in a room where it is only used 2-3 times a week.

We are waiting for a response from Customer Service. I recommend that anyone shopping for leather furniture avoid Rooms To Go.


I purchased a "leather" sofa from RTG in Greenville, SC. Paid an additional fee to have the leather "preserved" and was told that I needed to do this for the warranty.

( BS). While it was over 4 years ago, it started peeling within 2 years. I live alone, never smoke, no kids, no pets etc. I was also away from home for 8 months traveling and usually watch TV in my bedroom.

Last week, I noticed a big peeling strip that actually came off when I sat down. Long story---I took a sample of this to our lab and after extensive testing, I was told this sample is not leather by any means. It is not bonded either. I met with our company attorney today and showed him my receipt.

He quickly reminded me that this is a case for false advertising and has no limits to warranty....Guess what ?? I am going to file a complaint.


Did RTG do anything? I paid $4000 for a sectional that is a peeling piece of junk.

My living room looks terrible!!!!! Peeling every where!


I'm sitting on badly peeled Rooms 2 Go sofa. Their warranty department basically told me to get bent.

The sofas were marketed as "genuine leather".

Peeling leather isn't covered by warranty, and must have been caused by something I did. (like sitting on sofa)


Our "leather" furniture is peeling also. We finally saved up and bought a new couch but the love seat and recliner are peeling like crazy.

This was purchased in McAllen Texas.

Pieces of junk! I will never go back and encourage anyone else to stay away.


if you think they will make anything right after 4 years you are sadly mistaken. they won't even make things right after 1 year.


Yes, everybody who bought that is watching their furniture peel and fall apart after anywhere from six months to 3 years--usually after the warranty has expired, but a warranty is not an excuse to promote a product as "durable," "high-quality" and "will last a lifetime" and then deliver something that will last just a few years. If Rooms To Go won't replace, recover, or refund your money (and what they are doing now is offering to buy back your furniture for a RTG store credit that is worth a small fraction of what you paid), please contact the Better Business Bureau, the attorney general in your state, Angie's List, your local news media (many TV stations have consumer advocates), and anyone else who will listen.

Consider small claims court. Why would anyone want to use their store credit, pay another delivery fee, and throw in more of their own cash, to buy from these cheaters who sell pure ***?

So you can go through all of this again in 2-4 more years? They need to be held accountable.

@yet another cheated Rooms To G

The extent of horror stories about bonded leather furniture purchased from Rooms To Go is unending. Clearly this is a huge problem that is being ignored by the upper echelon of their corporate structure.

Rooms To Go wants to seem morally and socially outstanding as a company by donating to victims of natural disasters. All the while telling begrudged customers of defective products "sorry about your luck". Or "Sorry. Here's a credit.

But you need to spend again what you originally spent before we will extend that credit (read "prorated re-selection") to you."

This scheme and strategy always trickles from the top down. I too like many other Americans bought the furniture for how it was represented. As a quality product. However, it should be clear to anyone who even types "Rooms To Go" in any web search that they are far from that.

Don't believe the advertising or celebrity hype. It's all equivalent to their customer care and support. Which is literally less than what you wipe off your backside daily.

In before: "Were sorry to hear about your experience and difficulties. Please contact us at Tellus@...blah blah blah.

TLDR: Don't buy anything from Rooms To Go.

Seriously pick anyone else.

Don't believe the gleaming reviews. Vote with your wallet.

*This comment was typed from my Rooms To Go peeling and bubbling "Leather" furniture.

@yet another cheated Rooms To G

I too bought a leather sectional from RTF 3 years ago and it is now peeling badly. Very low quality material despite being marketed as durable.