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Its been about 3 months since I originally posted this. since then Rooms to Go has made an attempt to rectify the situation. Shortly after this post and after sending an email to tellus@roomstogo.com I receive a response and they sent techs to my home to take pictures of the leather sofa set. After a few weeks Rooms to Go customer service authorized a re-selection of furniture for me.

We were able to reselect new furniture and they picked up the peeling leather furniture. Even though it was a tough process I am thankful Rooms To Go did the right thing in this scenario by rectifying the situation. There was a Sales person at the Stafford Houston location that was especially nice and very helpful; Jose(kids furniture section); he is worth mentioning and made my re-selection process bearable.

I went with something that had no leather this time...

Original review posted by user May 27, 2012

II purchased a sofa, love seat, bench and a recliner from rooms to go about 2 years ago. Everything except the recliner was supposed to be leather. Late last year I began to notice flaking in certain sections of the sofa, love seat and bench. I called customer service and was told that my warranty only covered stains. Not sure why I was sold an extended warranty on all my items if it only covered stains; considering that 3 of the 4 items were leather. Seriously rooms to go? Is this even ethical? I called customer service at least 3 times and the third time I was able to speak to a supervisor who said to me; my leather furniture was flaking because I failed to follow the moisturizing regimen required to keep "rooms to go" leather healthy.

I drove back in to the store where I made the purchase 2 years ago( stafford store in Houston TX) and spoke to the store manager at the time Tim, who said there was nothing he could do. He asked me to call customer service. He also said he would have someone call me from customer service but no one ever called. I finally went back in last week to the same store, this time another store manager Judy( Tim was no longer the store manager) agreed to take a look at my pictures and also walked over to my car with me to see the bench. I brought it by so someone could explain how leather could be flaking and ripping apart within 2 years of light to moderate use. She was very nice but told me the same story of moisturizing leather etc. I accepted her explanation and walked away regretting I ever set foot in Rooms to Go.

I think Rooms To Go, either needs to bump up the quality of its leather or get out of the business of selling leather all together. I have essentially bought disposable furniture and wasted about $3000 by trusting their sales team 2 years ago. The quality of their leather products is deplorable. 

Reading similar complaints about Rooms to go on this site revealed I was not alone in my plight. There are several people like me all over the US who have purchased lemons by spending their hard earned dollars at Rooms to Go. I cannot even sell the furniture in good conscience to anyone for any amount. It is such a shame... I had so much confidence in this brand but I know better now.

I guess I have to count my losses and move on. But for all it's worth I want the world to know they failed me as a customer by selling poor quality products while marketing them as good quality. Also, thier sales people should not be selling warranty that are not applicable to products purchased without full disclosure. I felt like a pariah when I reached out for help; because I was not at the store to spend money but to lodge a complaint no one could help me....

I am one person and may not count for much but if I can save another person $3000 or more by sharing my experience thus preventing them from doing business with Rooms to Go, I will be satisfied. But I am sure this will carry on beyond one person....

I will stop now... This is such a shame. Run, run, run... Do business else where. Never seen leather act this way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

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We are experiencing the same issues with our dining room set we bought in 2012. We only use it during Christmas and Thanksgiving and when we have people over for the kids birthdays. All eights chairs are either cracking, flaking and/or peeling in the seats badly.


In 2012, I bought an entire living room set with a leather couch and loveseat, two tables, & a entertainment center. After two years the leather started peeling off the couch and loveseat.

Now, my couch looks like I bought it from the Goodwill thrift store.

I spent over 2k on this set and rooms to go promised me that they were authentic leather. Now, I have to keep them covered just to make my living room look decent until I can buy a new set.


Well I just shopped today and found a sectional called Gennaro. They are saying too geain leather. After reading this I’d do not believe and will not purchase


I am so angry reading this! We also bought leather from rooms to go and it did the same thing within 2-3 years.

In fact we already threw one out. Then people just tell us we don't have real leather but we sure as *** paid for real leather.

to Anonymous #1413649

We are deeply disappointed to hear this! Please send us an email with your order info to TellUs@RoomsToGo.com and we’d be happy to help any way that we can!

to TellUsRTG #1438921

You absolutely will not help any way you can! It's total BS!

The extended warranty is a sham. We have spent tens of thousands.of dollars with you to only be screwed my customer service and not following through with warranty service.

to Kim Myers 2009 #1439726

Kim; We are truly sorry to hear this, please send us the details along with the order number, we will be happy to look into this for you.


Try ShowUs@RoomsToGo.com. They help customers with the cracking and peeling leather. Not up to 6 years though.

Palm Harbor, Florida, United States #1340155

I have the same issue with my leather furniture!!! I will never ever go back to rooms to go....


It's 2017 and NOTHING has changed. Except that they didn't make it right for us. Complete rip off.

to Piper #1325293

Well, maybe you've learned a lesson - you get what you pay for. Here's another tip: Everyone who walked into your home could tell you bought cheap junk from day 1.

to KG #1424728

KG, your postings are very cruel. I’m sure you have heard, ‘If you can’t say anything nice, then keep your thoughts to yourself and say nothing.’ A little kindness goes a long way.

to KG #1438924

KG you are talking through your ass. Visually the furniture is nice. It just doesn't hold up and the company doesn't stand behinds products.I'm sure your friends just love your expensive home furnishings, if you had friends.

to Kim Myers 2009 #1490054

Yes he is talking through his *** because that is what he is. An *** Lol many people have told me rooms to go is terrible.

But I will tell you it didn’t use to be. I got a natuzzi Italian leather couch from them and bedroom furniture that lasted 18 years. And the bedroom furniture is still awesome and it’s been over 20 years. Now however I’m praying after reading all these that my table leather on the seats doesn’t fall apart.

It fine dining area so not used much. Also I am buying a used couch from RTG that flacked on the family selling it just after a year. My friends have this couch and just told me theirs is flacking Afge 2-3 years and they keep their stuff very nice no smokers and no animals. I am more upset for the people that spent more then 1200 for this sectional.

I am just buying it from them for 200 thinking I can fix it but now I know I can’t because it’s not real leather it feels so soft like real leather but no way is it. So you get what you pay for is bs. They didn’t lower their prices but they lowered their quality. I used to defend rooms to go now I know I will never buy anything again from them.

Two bad I didn’t see all these reviews and here from my friends about this before I spent 2000 dollars on a table chairs and buffet.

The nerve of that guy saying what he said. Kmart maybe but this big furniture store you would think would go out of business with all these complaints

to Piper #1439728

Piper; We are deeply disappointed to see this. Please send us an email with the details and your order info to TellUs@RoomsToGo.com and we’d be happy to look into this for you.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1289896

I am having the same problem. I for rod of my Italian leather soda set whom I had for over 20 years with no wear and rest to upgrade with a rooms to go leather soda set what a mistake only after two years and my soda is peeling and cracking and the warranty I had had expired.

I am out of over $3000 and I have nothing to show for it. I will never ever go to Rooms to Hi again.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1265515

Having the same problem purchase minds back in 2011, talk too costumer service only to be told they discontinued it 3year's ago. Really so i wasted almost $3000.

00 on a fake leather sofa set that's peeling. Embarrassing too have company over.

Why send pictures of the fake leather sofa set and this company not gone do anything about. Sound like we all talking about the same fake leather, we should get together and do a class action law sue

to Anonymous #1282531


I bought my living room set in 2011 also spent around $3000 they told me it was real leather everywhere' the body touches. It started peeling also. I'm just wondering if your set is the same as mine.

to Anonymous #1325292

What do you idiots expect when you buy cheap-*** furniture?

to KG #1325776

These posts are not about cost, they address advertising and selling as leather when it is synthetic or blended. Granted, some were aware they were buying faux leather.

There are several sites that offer education when it comes to making a leather purchase, which can be tricky even when well informed.

Simply paying more won't necessarily fix the problem. Likely you will get taken again, for more $$$$.

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