Murfreesboro, Tennessee

My husband and I spent $2800 at Rooms To Go. The delivery of our furniture was rescheduled twice over "imaginary bad weather".

Once we recieved the furniture the corner cushion of our sectional seemed to already been worn out, as it would sink down and was not as firm and new as the other cushions. We called customer service who sent a technician to inspect and resolve the problem. The technician was unbelievably rude and spoke to me as if i were ignorant. I called and complained and they said they would send me a new cushion and when i recieved to let them know so they can send a technician to get the old one and put the protectant spray on the new cushion.

We recieved ONLY a cushion cover and for the WRONG cushion, 3.5 wks later! I called again and they said they would send the correct cushion and cover. 2 wks later i recieved and cushion and a cushion cover but again, it was the WRONG cushion! I called again and demanded to speak to a supervisor, they denied me that opportunity!

They said i could not speak to a manager but that they would send me an entirely new couch and take the old one back. I am due to recieve the new sectional in 2wks... we will see how that goes. If this is not right, i will demand a refund and take my business somewhere else.

I will NEVER EVER use RTG again or recommend them to anyone! This has been the worst experience that i have EVER had!

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