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Update by user Oct 23, 2015

UPDATE: October 6th

A new technician came out, took pictures, spoke with me about the issue and told me what his recommendation was going to be. Received a call from RTG 2 days later and received my new top within a few days of that.

Problem fixed. It still sucked that I had to jump through numerous hoops just to get a simple fix done.

Update by user Sep 24, 2015

UPDATE: I have requested another "technician" come out to see the damage. This will be on 10/6.

I also received an email response from the RTG rep who posted below. Stating that the second evaluation is a necessary step...I requested the new inspection, not RTG.

If it's so necessary why didn't one of the customer service reps offer it??? I will ask the "technician" directly what he is going to determine the damage as.

Original review posted by user Sep 23, 2015

I bought a living room set in Round Rock, TX from RTG: 1 couch, 1 loveseat, an end table, lamp and coffee table. This was in May of 2015, it is now September and the coffee table opens from the top on both sides, well, when opening one day one side decides to pull the screws right out of the hinges, so instead of leaving it hanging (I have 3 little kids) and having someone get seriously hurt, I pull it the rest of the way off and lay it flat on there. Now, a "technician" comes out to see it and takes some pictures and in 5 minutes time leaves. RTG calls me and tells me that it is "Customer Misuse" and not covered under warranty. So I ask what was the misuse? "You opened it improperly causing the damage" Really!? I'm in my 40s and have been opening and closing things for decades, never had a problem until I bought furniture from RTG. Their technician didn't ask how it happened or anything, just asked what piece of furniture and began snapping pictures.

Now, I am on the phone with customer service who gives me absolutely no hope of this getting resolved. Two different representatives at two different numbers and magically there is not one single manager or supervisor available to speak with. I am also told that whatever the technician decides is pretty much the final word as they are, and I quote, "the eyes and ears for us". So, I told them that is not right as the technician didn't ask anything and basically said I don't know how to open a lid. I felt as though my integrity was put into question as the customer doesn't have any kind of say in the final decision and there is no one available to help remedy the situation either. There was not one person that asked about it being a safety issue, if the lid fell off all the way or partially, and if partially did anyone remove it completely and why. Maybe if their "eyes and ears" would use what's between the ears and behind the eyes a true determination of what is a manufacturer defect and customer misuse actually are.

I really want a supervisor or manager for this business to contact me, some one who can actually make a decision.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of rooms to go warranty. Rooms To Go needs to "i would like the item repaired by rtg" according to poster's claims.

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Please, don't hold your breath. I have been on the phone off and on all day and spoke to 2 different "supervisors".

I use that term lightly as the second one I spoke to said they had many levels of supervisors. When I asked to speak with someone higher than the second level "supervisor" I was informed that she could not give me a number, but would have to put in a request for someone to call me back. Really??

How is this customer service and what other company refuses to pick up and refund defective furniture? Class Action PLEASE!!


Rooms to go has very poor business ethics..The ceo of this company should make a change in the way customers are treated .. Their

Customer service people are not well trained and the bottom line is they don't care about customer service. If they keep up their current process they will likely be out of business soon.


This looks terrible! Care to send me your order info to

to TellUsRTG Round Rock, Texas, United States #1038489

I have sent the requested information

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