Arlington, Texas

I placed an online order for over $1,000! My delivery date was set for a Friday and being that I work Mon-Fri and don't get off til 2:30 I figured I'd call and see if they have possibly set me up for an evening time.

I called and to my dismay they set me up for morning hours between 8am-12p. So okay fine, I asked if they could set me up for an evening time and they told me no because they deliver according to zip codes! WHAT in the *** do you mean NO? And so what!

I am a paying customer and you should be doing all you can to accommodate your customers. So I asked to speak to a supervisor and the rude girl(s) (I called back and got a different rep and she told me the same thing!!!!)told me "yes, but they're just going to tell you the same thing". Such a shame. I told that girl no matter if I am going to get the same response, you never tell a customer anything like that.

So unprofessional! I am just beside myself because the only resolution they offered me was to reschedule. I don't think I will ordering from them ever again. Why can't companies be more like StateFarm.

They really care about their customers. Consumers are keeping you business, remember that!

Word of mouth goes a long way good or bad. I am completely dissatisfied with the lack of customer concern, service, and accommodations.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I love to read these *** reviews! You were told how delivery works, but you want it ALL your way.

State Farm doesn't deliver a single item. Unless you count the monthly bill, lol. Don't you think the whole world would like delivery of large items after work hours? Big *** trucks driving around during rush hour traffic to deliver everything at the same time!

You think these guys work for Santa Clause??? Customers are the rudest people...


Yo compre un juego de muebles 5 meses atras super caro y Ya no sirve la tela esta toda desgastada y lleno de bolas Ellos te pelotean para todos lados y no resuelven nada todo es una mentira!!!


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that has been caused. Delivery time frames are planned once the delivery company has a full route.

They are routed according to zip code, and then the customer gets a call two days prior with the four hour time frame. Until this point even we at customer service have no idea what the time frame will be.

I regret to inform you that once time frames are given they cannot be changed; we can always request certain time frame, however on our end is only a request for the above reasons. Again we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused.