Dallas, Texas

Purchased 2 rooms of furniture early November. I communicated to the sales rep that I needed all pieces delivered by an end of the month deadline. I went through a long process of selecting a preference based specifically on the availability of the product. Did I get my 1st choice furniture sets? No. Did I meet my deadline? Yes... or so I thought.

On my delivery date, the driver called saying I would be one of the first deliveries of the day and he would call 30 minutes ahead of arrival. My early morning delivery time turned into about 7pm in the evening. When they finally arrived, the guy stated that the bedroom set has a manufacturers defect and he would have someone follow-up to delivery a new piece. Surprise, surprise....I never received a follow-up call (nor have I ever received a follow-up call in the time I dealt with customer service during this experience)

... Long story short 4 service visits, 3 months, 6 service techs, and countless hours of ME initiating communications later, I still have no resolve. One supervisor had the audacity to try to convince me to agree to making 5th attempt at "swapping out parts" to "see if that's the issue". Bottom line is these people take on ZERO accountability, they never follow-up, and they have the nerve to print "Satisfaction Guaranteed" on their materials.

R2G may not be committed to providing and ensuring a positive customer experience. R2G may not be committed to quality assurance. They can rest assured, however, that I will remain fully committed giving their customer service reps the experience of their lives until this matter is handled appropriately. I will also continue to take action until I am confident that they feel an impact on their bottom line.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Rooms To Go Pros: Showroom.

Rooms To Go Cons: Unprofessional customer service, Business ethics, Poor quality and service, Poor internal communications.

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