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The first delivery of our furniture came with a dented damaged headboard in my sons room, and a "poorly patched" bridge on the livingroom entertainment center, along with the right side pier having a staple sticking out of the lower door, and a "poorly patched" gouge out of the drawer just above that door with the staple hanging out, and one of the center doors was missing the hinge set screw so it drags the bottom of the door. The delivery guys have been here twice to replace the bridge on the entertainment center, and headboard/broken slats on my sons bed, and I have no complaints about their work, but customer service has drug the entertainment center issues out for a month, and today told me it would be another 22 days until a service tech can get out here to see if he can "fix" the stapled door, and gouged drawer.

I don't want these fixed, because I PAID FOR NEW, not some RUMMAGE SALE JUNK, and that's what I expect.

I want the defective items replaced immediately, and they can have the "fixed" junk for their dent and scratch sale. I paid half when I bought this mess, and I bet they want me to make the payments on the rest of the balance, maybe I should ask them to wait a few months for their payments to start after I get what I PAID FOR.

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I replied as asked today since the service tech showed up yesterday "after waiting for a month", and did ABSOLUTELY nothing to help, except take pictures. This is beyond reasonable "red tape" B.S.!!! :(


We apologize for the problems you are having with the bed and entertainment center. We would definitely like to look into this to see what we can do to rectify the situation.

Please email us at TellUs@RoomsToGo.com "Attention Pissed Consumer" so we can research this further. Again we apologize for the disappointment and look forward to hearing from you.