Loudon, New Hampshire
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I had a delivery of a Hutch on 8/30 and the top section had a lot of damage (base broke glass shelves broke, glass in door scraped.) to it so we contacted the service department and they stated it would be delivered on 9/4. I asked why I had to wait so long it was not my fault.

I contacted the store located in Brentwood, TN off of Mores Lane and spoke with the sales person that took care of are sale (Larry). I wanted to know why I have to wait until Thursday because of there carelessness. He stated there wasn't anything he could do and asked if I would like to speak with the Manager and I said yes.

He stated that the manager would call me right away. I have not received a call yet from the manager, so I went there this morning to talk to the manager and they said he was out. This tells me they don't care about the customer and there is no customer service. I will wait until Thursday.

I will not do business with Rooms To Go any more and I also will let every one I know about your service

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Okay people do you realize how many people want to speak to a manager daily? They have other jobs to do then listen to you people *** and moan for an hour straight about something that they cant even change.

It took them that long to get the new furniture out to you because there were other people they had to deliver to. There are others out there a whole lot nicer then you are who have to wait to get their merchandise redelivered as well. Things dont go perfectly, such is life. Wait your turn and dont try to push your way first in line because let me tell you something honey "The world does not revolve around you, no matter what mom or dad told you when you were *** and screaming in your diapers." Also take the help that we offer when we offer it.

We are not trying to *** over and to be truthful most of us Customer service reps want nothing more then to help you out so that you get out of our hair and off of our *** phone. We dont try and inconvenience you in any way. The more you argue with us and the more that you step on our toes and get in our way then the longer you are going to have to wait. We only have so many trucks to carry things around in so be patient, sit down, eat your hagen dauz and take a *** chill pill.

Stop ball busting the poor manager who has about a dozen more people with something they want to say to him.

Oh and trust me, we do care about the customer, but only during business hours because afterwards we are no longer paid to deal with your ***. Have a wonderful day.

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