Grapevine, Texas
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We bought a living room set from Rooms To Go and before the warranty was out we had to have our couch replaced because the color was rubbing off. We were told it was a manufacturing defect.

I wanted them to replace the love seat because I was afraid the same thing would happen to it but they would not do it. We also had to have our two end tables replaced because the wood bubbled luckily they were still under warranty. Then just recently after the warranty was out my love seat which we have had for barely two years now the color started rubbing off of it too. We contacted the main office and they said they would give us in store credit and they would take the couch and love seat back.

They also said they had been having trouble with this couch and love seat set with the color rubbing off. Well the in store credit they offered us would only let us buy a set less than what we had or we could add more of our own money to get the set we originally had.

We asked them if they would just exchange the love seat for another one which would of been less than the in store credit amount they had offered us and they said no. I will never buy another thing from Rooms To Go and I hope no one else does either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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We apologize for the disappointment you are having with your leather. We would like to investigate this further, as it does seem you have already been in touch with our customer care office.

Please email us at "Attention Pissed Consumer" along with your order details so we can look into this for you. Again we apologize for the disappointment and look forward to hearing from you.