Recently I purchased two queen bedrooms sets from their sunrise showroom. At the showroom, all well pleasant.

But the delivery was not happen as they promised at store. Delivery crew come on a morning, One of the guys are very nice, but a short guy, very rude, no manners, and treat as they deliver as for from a thrift store. He broke two my light fixtures. I did not signed their bill.He walked away and slammed my front door and run.

I complained to RTG immediately. They says, the delivery people are separate company, and they do not have any control over them.

I made a decision never shop from RTG any more, and discourage all my families, friends and my students in my Universities. Very Very bad customer service...

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Sunrise, Florida, United States #724523

I purchased a bedroom set in October 2011, due to limited credit as I had just moved from Puerto Rico, I was not approved for the zero financing, however, thankfully, I was approved for the monthly payment option.

Nonetheless, due to a lay off, I have been working on temporary jobs and has been difficult to make ends meet, however, I HAVE ALWAYS PAID MY ACCOUNT (never 15 days from the 1st day, which is the due date). I completely understand that it is my responsibility to pay on time and if I could, I would pay off the balance just so I would NOT receive ANY phone calls from Evelyn Thompson (Sunrise, FL Location; Phone#:954-514-1065), which states is the Assistant Manager at this location. Ms. Thompson is the most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with on a customer service level. Unfortunately, I have been forced to tell her that I am unable to pay but that I will so, giving her an specific date and she SUCKS her teeth and gives me attitude through the phone. You should inform her that when speaking to clients she should smile and customer sense things through the phone, which is the first thing many customer service and / or, telemarketing representatives are taught to do.

I DO NOT APPRECIATE NOR I THINK A PERSON WITH SUCH ATTITUDE SHOULD BE WORKING WITH PEOPLE. I have spoken to another young lady (which I believe was or is Hispanic) and she NEVER was rude and always understood my situation. It is unfortunate but I will NEVER again refer someone to this location, which as a matter of fact, my wife's family has purchased there many times and they will hear about this unfortunate event. Notwithstanding, my bedframe broke and was forced to purchase another one somewhere else, YET, I still pay for this bedroom set, which clearly it was not real wood.

This is the first time I write a complaint email as I know people do have bad days, nonetheless, the constant attitude this woman gives me is UNPROFESSIONAL and I was forced to write this email. In addition, when I called back to get her last name as she is supposed to provide as she is the assistant manager, she gives me another attitude and tries to avoid giving it to me, so I hope the last name is correct. As I stated before, I KNOW IT IS MY RESPONSABILITY to pay on time and if you do a credit check you will see, I have built credit and pay on time, BUT I do not expect people to suck their teeth, especially, when I am paying a late fee.


This is unfortunate to hear. While we do use a third party delivery company, we still have high standards and expectations of our deliveries.

We would like to investigate this further, so please email us at TellUs@RoomsToGo.com with "Attention: Pissed Consumer" in the subject and include your order information. We apologize for the dissatisfaction and look forward to hearing from you.

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