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Do not buy furniture at Rooms To Go. The furniture is poorly made and their refund/return policy is a nothing but a scam. Their brochure guarantees that furniture will be delivered in "showroom condition" and guarantee the "complete satisfation of their customers."

They delivered an entertainment center that was both damaged (cracked) and defective (doors would not close; finish was marred, drawers that wouldn't open. The delivery guys handed me a piece of paper to sign acknowledging receipt of the furniture. They did not ask me to inspect the condition of the furniture, but asked me to sign a piece of paper ackowleging delivery and said that I would soon be getting a phone call confirming the delivery. I read the paper, then signed it and gave it back to them, (they did not give me a copy). The phone call came soon after delivery asking if I was "satisfied with the delivery". I acknowledged that I was, but all they did was drop off the furniture.

Rooms to go policy states that you can cancel a sale after 48 hours and will grant a refund if the furniture is delivered in "good condition." The refund policy on the order slip is printed in letters so small and so light that it is impossible to read. When I made the complaint within 48 hours of buying the unit (complying with their refund policy), the salesperson said that he had to refer my complaint to service. When I contacted their "customer service", they don't work weekends, just weekdays. Customer service says that they have to send out a service rep to evaluate the unit and attempt to fix the problem before they can consider taking the unit back for a refund. They scheduled a rep to come 4 days after I contacted them.

The rep came out and attempted to fix the untit. He claimed that a part of it was "damaged beyond repair". He calined that he repaired the door, which now close but are crooked. He cou;d not fix the marred finish. The rep said that he would report the damaged unit, then left.

I contacted customer service the next day and they acknowledged that they do not have any authority to authorized a refund or a return of a unit. They had also said that my signing for the unit acknowledge that I received the unit in "showroom condition". it should be noted that those words were not on the paper that I signed. That request had to go through the manager of the store in which the furniture was bought. I'm still baffled as to why no one bother to tell me that in the first place. It would had saved a lot of time and aggravation.

When I contacted the manager of the store and explained the problem, he appeared to be sympathetic, but wouul only consider replacement of the unit; he refused to consider a return of the furniture and a refund at all, completely misinterpreting the written policy and refusing to consider that I had complied with the store's policy every step of the way.

The manager would not discuss a return/refund at all. I informed him that I would dispute the charge with AmEX and authorize them to withhold the funds until this was resolved to my satisfaction, as the Rooms to Go brochure states. I then authorized AmEx to do just that. I am awaiting resolution of the problem.

Please do not do business with these people, unless you want poor quality furniture and poor customer service. It is clear that they are out to screw their customers.

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What happened with the dispute through AMEX?


And why didn't you inspect your merch while the delivery guys were there and before signing the paper?........