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I cannot tell you how angry I am. I will not step foot in Rooms To Go again, nor purchase anything online.

My experience has been the most horrid ever!!! It began when my husband and I purchased a bedroom suit and a set of bunk beds about 5-6 months ago. After being told that the bedroom suit would be delivered in one week, upon full payment we were told it was out of stock. We had to purchase a different set, not our first choice.

It was delivered with no complication, however the bunk bed was delivered with a broken *** to the drawer that went underneath. RTG mailed a new *** We thought maybe our experience was a fluke, so about a month ago, we went shopping for a new dining room set and living room set. We were told (again) that all furniture would be delivered within a week. Upon full payment, we were told that we could not get our china cabinet for TWO MONTHS!

When the other furniture was delivered, there were several pieces that were broken!! We have had to schedule and reschedule delivery of those broken pieces THREE times now!! When we call RTG in Raleigh they told us that it is our fault, because we won't let the worker come and repair our table. Why would we want a brand new table we have paid a lot of money for REPAIRED before we even sit at it as a family for the first time?!?!

That is NOT her call to make and is simply rude! When we escalated and talked to the manager, his solution is to continue to schedule delivery of replacement pieces. How long will this go on????? After the third attempt and scheduling a FOURTH time, shouldn't you do something to try and help your customers who have called and complained multiple times??

So we escalated to the corporate office to see what could be done. Their solution is to give us a $50 coupon for their store. Really???? What an insult!!!

And still we do not have all of the pieces that we have paid for. Also, we have another month to wait for the china cabinet to be delivered, and who knows that it won't need repairing or replacing as well. I cannot believe that a company can be so slack!!!! Does the CEO, Jeffrey Seaman, want his customers treated this way?

Does he want to be the head of a company who cares so little for the quality of furniture that is being sent to his customers??? $50 coupon??? I don't think so!

At this point, I am very willing to have them come pick up every piece and start shopping again at a store/company that cares about quality and customer relationship! I am done with RTG!

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I feel your pain. I have a post on down the line titled "Lying Salesman....."

We were told our bedroom suite would all be delivered in 2 weeks and 2 days

with the exception the rails may be later.

Now it's 2 months to wait. The sales person put

on the sales form that he folded without showing us that it would be Oct 28....Grrrrrrrr

I will never spend another dollar there either