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We purchased a bedroom set for my daughter on May 15. The delivery was scheduled in two parts because one of the four items was on back order.

We wanted the furniture delivered asap so the first delivery was an "add on" - this meant we had to wait at home from 7a -10p for delivery.My husband stayed home from work and waited. The delivery arrived mid-afternoon, they began setting up before my husband realized that the bed was not the color we ordered. They attempted to set up the trundle bed, but they did not have the wheels/hardware with them. Then they tried to set up the nightstand for which they were one screw short - so they decided to try putting it together without the last screw, resulting in a broken leg and wobbly nightstand.

The company scheduled another delivery of the right bed for two days later -again because it was an "add on" we needed to be home from 7a-10p. When I called RTG about the nightstand, they said that replacing it would be an "exchange" which would require a separate "exchange" delivery -I explained that the delivery people assembled it wrong and broke it, but they would not agree to combine deliveries. I asked about the hardware for the trundle - they said it would arrive in the mail.

The next delivery date arrived, they replaced the bed (not without chipping the paint first). Then the next delivery date arrived for the chest of drawers that was backordered - that went smoothly. Since the hardware for the trundle had arrived in the mail, I asked them if they could assemble the trundle. They told me no - that I would need to request and technical/assembler call and they would assemble it. Really?!

The next day the same delivery folks arrived with the nightstand "exchange". They attempted to assemble the nightstand only this time there was NO hardware. I kept the hardware from the broken nightstand and they requested the additional screw to be sent in the mail - we would need to request an assembler to come out later! By now the delivery people took pity on me and agreed to assemble the trundle, but it turns out that the hardware that RTG sent in the mail had only 4 wheels - we needed 6 and all the screws were too long they would poke through to the mattress! So we needed to order hardware again!

Over the course of the four deliveries there was never any acknowledgement of the time or inconvenience - no attempt made to quickly solve the problem. When I spoke with a customer service manager he indicated that the processes I have described are their protocols period. Why they couldn't combine deliveries or dispatch quickly someone who had the parts and the ability to assemble the furniture was infuriating.

I would never buy from RTG again - partly because of this experience, and and partly because based on the construction of the furniture (my husband ended up assembling the furniture himself - and it just doesn't seem that durable/worth the money we spent).

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Really bad customer service. They don't know when they can deliver the item to you and anyone knows either!....their warehouse is their major problem! :( :( :(