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After pick out a dining room table and chairs, we get to setting up a delivery. The sails person told me that the table could be delivered the next Thursday but the chairs would take two months.

OK, don’t like it but they don’t have them. Then he goes on to explain that somebody has to stay at the house for 8!! hours waiting on the delivery because they cannot provide a time that their third party service will make the drop. I ask if they can give me a call an hour or less before it will be delivered because I work close by.

No way, he said, they do not have a way to put that on the order and it would shift the responsibility toward them. I say deliver it on Friday after 12, that will give them a 4 or 5 hour window that I will be home. No, if someone cannot be there for 8 hour, they will not do the deal. My daughter had a similar experience with them.

She stayed home from work for 8 hours waiting on them, no show. She called to find out why there was no delivery. They said that the deliveries had been pushed back to the next day because they were too busy. No call, we are sorry you took off a day of work for nothing, just we will do what we want and *** you customer.

If get what I want requires me to deal with them, I will grudgingly but I am putting it here for everyone to see, if I can cause them money or any harm legally, I will and you should to.

It is the only way they will understand. I have never had a delivery service not be willing to give me a call ahead before, ever.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rooms To Go Pros: Sails people.

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Waiting for delivery is never fun. Would you be able to send me your order info to, so I can look into this?