Tampa, Florida

This is the 2nd delivery nightmare I've experienced. Latest, I was given a 8am-noon delivery time for my king bed & mattress.

The guy calls at 6:48 am to say he is right around the corner. I called back his number and told him I was refusing delivery until 8am. They showed up anyway said he didn't hear the phone.

Just got off with Corporate they do not give any kind of compensation for their drivers and the troubles they may cause, I will never use RTG again. There are way too many other furniture companies out there.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Rooms-to-Go is horrible for customer service, and they do not take any responsibility for their drivers screwing up or giving wrong information. They punish the customer because they don't care about them.

They have your money, and they honestly don't care about any further business you might give them.

Horrible company with horrible customer service. Will never be purchasing from them ever again - I've had better luck ordering cheap-o furniture online.


ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i agree with nightmare....... i orded from sombody once and it got 2 my house EARLY i dident call it a nightmare i rejoyesed and celibrated cuz i had more time 2 do stuff other than sit at home waiting for a pacage


I apologize for the drivers arriving early to your home. If for any reason it would have caused any issue, the drivers could have been informed at the time of their arrival of the situation so that they could then return at a later time.

If for any reason this was informed to them at the time of their arrival, and they still did not do so, please email us the order details at tellus@roomstogo.com so that we may further research the situation.

I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.


Oh, so sorry, did you have to get out of bed a little early to get your NEW furniture, early enough so you would still have the entire day in front of you? What, was it a work day for you? Would you have no excuse to *** the rest of the day?

Really, get a grip - you should have been ecstatic instead of annoyed that you were SSSOOOO inconvenienced!


Really? Are you serious?

You are complaining because they got there EARLY? Most people would love their stuff early.

If you call that a nightmere...I would hate to see what you call it IF they are actually late. Get a grip.