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On April 10, 2010 my husband and I went to a Rooms to Go store right up the road from us. I must say that our sales rep was excellent. He gave us space and checked up on us. We went for their "Clearance Sale". After being in the store for approximately 1 hour, our rep shows us a bedroom set that we really like. We inform him that we want to purchase the set.

Unfortunately, our rep tells us that the bedroom set is out of stock. But, he also told us that if we were to purchase it that day we would be guranteed to have it on June 3, 2010. Almost 2 months for a bedroom set, but it was well worth it. We loved the set.

Today, June 2, 2010, I received a phone call informing me that my nightstands were on back order and that I couln't receive them until after June 8, 2010. I was furious as I went out of my way to sit home all day on June 3, 2010 and I wouldn't be receiving everything I paid for.

I got hung up on with the first customer service rep (mind you I was being polite, she just didn't want to deal with it), second rep didn't want to let me speak to a manager, finally I got a manager but I had to leave her a voice mail. The customer service manager Cynthia, did not call me back. I called back a little over an hour later and finally got her on the phone. I requested we come to some sort of an agreement for me being inconveinenced and she just kept telling me that there was nothing she can do.

However, Cynthia did offer me a $30 store coupon, but really, why would I want to keep shopping there if this is the way I am going to be treated? I understand that things come up and are beyond some people's control, but obviously this is a common problem for RTG; not having furniture in stock. I requested a refund, full 100% and Cynthia said she would look into it and call me back after lunch, I never did receive that call. I had to call back and conveinently she was in a meeting.

Considering I was inconveinenced I feel that they should do something to make me feel a little better, but they don't feel the need to. I requested that they refund me the delivery fee ($99) since that's what they wronged me on, they said absolutely not. Also, they will not grant me a full refund. They want the 20% restocking fee. My remark to them was "technically there is no restocking fee since you don't have the merchandise in stock". They still said no. I tried every avenue and they simply don't care about customer satisfaction. I just gave up and scheduled the delivery of my nightstands for the earliest possible delivery date which was June 10, 2010. We'll see if I actually get them by then!

Rooms to go has left a very bad taste in my mouth and I will never shop there again. I was trying to get a bargain, but I guess the saying stays true. "You get what you pay for" It is sad that a company this large treats their customers this poorly. I wonder if they realize their success is due to their customers. If it weren't for us, they would have no business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

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Scary! I am waiting today for delivery of a bed!

....hope I have better luck.

S. P.




Maybe you'll never see this because you posted so long ago, but I fully agree with James. I hope he DOES have children because he is has a great attitude and clearly lives in the real world.

YOU on the other hand, you are what is wrong with society as a whole, and god help future generations being raised by folks like you. If the your worst complaint is that your tables came a few days later, I hope you realize you are being completely ridiculous. You want compensated for being "inconvenienced"? How much time did you waste trying to nab a discount for ludicrous reasons?

Also, "perhaps we should grow up?" Yes... and grown-ups should know correct spelling, have have some sort of ability to formulate a sentence with decent grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. The text box has spell check for goodness sake!

Now it's not only moronic, it's also lazy. Add in an undeserved sense of entitlement, and you've got just an outstanding example for children all around.


just wondering....i have read many complaints on this site. i was very curious after noticing that david_johnson responds to most of these complaints & encourages folks to email RTG customer service.....does anyone follow through & get positive results??

AND if so why does it have to come to this to get anything resolved. as i said i was just wondering but it really doesnt matter because i will NEVER purchase another thing from RTG. i work hard for my money & i have a choice as to where and how its spent, so with that being said i have finally realized the age old saying "you get what you pay for".

its far from a "GOOD DEAL" when this much frustration is attached to a purchase. my time & health is worth much more to me that "CHEAP" furniture.


Montisha – I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I see that you have spoken with Cynthia this morning and if there is anything that I can do to further help you, please email me at


lolololololol @ James


UPDATE to my complaint. Cynthia, the customer services manager, called me back today and said they agreed to offer me a full refund of the set if I wished to return it.

While I am still disappointed in the customer service from RTG and the way they treated me, I do appreciate them offering me a full refund.



Yes, I live such a shallow life that I resort to calling people names. Good example at living shallow!! =) As you can see from my post, I was not being irrational. The reason I am upset is for the fact of the way they treated me. As I understand things happen, they seem to "just" happen all to often with rooms to go. Really, the only reason I am replying to you is simply for the fact to get the point straight. the realization here is that RTG is selling people furniture, and when it comes time to give the consumer what they purchased, they can't deliver. In case you don't understand that, what I am saying is that they don't have the product.

Seriously, lets grow up and act like adults. I honestly hope you don't have any children because you seem like you can be a pretty bad influence, judging by your attitude that is.

Have a great day James!!!!



GROW UP AND QUIT CRYING YOU ***. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


If they would’ve let him know before taking a day off work and sitting at home all day your this statement would matter. You is sooooo dumb