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I do not know where to begin. The only thing I can tell you is that the delivery service is horrible.

When you call to speak to someone regarding your delivery it is out of state and they do not care what is going on, they only pacify you to get you off the phone. My furniture was delivered at 8pm, the excuse was that the first set of drivers did not show. I had a problem with the couch. Another one had to be ordered.

The next delivery service was set up for the time 12-4 . I received a call that the time was changed to 6pm, then I received another call a couple of hours later that the time has been changed to 6-10 pm. I never did receive my couch that day. I will not order from Rooms To Go again.

The costumer service is horrible dealing out of state with the delivery service. Beware to other customers on your delivery service.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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Same situation here a couple of years ago. I ordered some furniture and was given a date.

I was flexible within a day or so but really needed it as it was a new house. Was told it would be a Tuesday, that day came and went and we were told that the driver simply missed our stop on his route, and was then told it would be a whole other week. The delivery warehouse it was coming from was about an hour from my house. I complained and eventually got a hold a "Regional President" who showed no concern at all.

I said someone needs to get creative and rent a box truck and bring it to me - I was then asked why I couldn't get creative and just do that myself. Tried to compain further up and never got ahold of anyone, kept getting pushed to another customer service person. I waited the whole week to get it, and got a refund on the delivery but what a frustration. Good companies don't treat customers like this.

Anytime I've had the opportunity I've told others about this experience and how they should shop elsewhere. :(


Our delivery staff tries their best to arrive within the estimated time frame that is provided to our customers. Unfortunately, there are at times circumstances beyond our control that prevent them from doing so. However, they should keep you updated with your delivery, and at least come on the scheduled date unless other arrangements are set up!

If there is anything that we can do to help, please feel free to email us directly at

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