Lubbock, Texas

My husband and I had been looking around for a dinning room table set, pub style with a bench and we had found one online with rooms to go. The posted price online was 649.00 with one bench and two barstools and we had planned to add another bench to the set for 199.00.

We budgeted about 1100.00 to cover tax, delivery, and headed to the store to buy it. When we walked in the sales people were sitting on a couch by the front doors talking and didn't acknowledge us, so we stood there looking around for the table for few minutes until a very nice woman walked up to us. She took us to the table where we saw the price on the table for 699.00 and we told her that we looked online and the price was 649.00 and proceeded to show her the online website where the price was listed. She called the manager over, who looked it up on the stores website and said that the price we saw listed on the website was for a Florida market and that we would have to pay 699.00.

I politely declined and said it was okay and that we could just order it online, which he rudely interrupted and said, if you buy it online, you will still pay 699.00. So, I told him we were prepared to pay 1000.00 total today and asked if he was willing to lose our business because he would not honor the online listed price and he said "yes" and walked away. So, we walked out and went to Bob Mills furniture and bought a beautiful table and paid 1056.00.

The sales person there was so nice and professional and when we told her about our experience said that the owner "Bob Mills" was in the store and if he had every heard a sales associate speak that way, they would be fired. If Roomstogo values their consumer base and wants to stay in business, I suggest they stop behaving in a way that will eliminate them from the market.

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