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I purchased new bedroom furniture at Rooms to Go because they were running a great financing special. I placed the order and set up a delivery for a Friday.

On Wednesday before the delivery, I received a call telling me that the driver would be delivering my furniture between 6:00 and 10:00...P.M.! I was excited about the furniture though, and arranged my schedule so that I would be available.

At 9:55 PM the dispatcher called me and told me that she could not find the driver. I live in an aprtment complex with strict quiet hours beginning at 10 PM. I expressed this to the dispatcher and asked her what my options would be. She said that I could call customer service on Monday and re-schedule the delivery. I expressed that this was not acceptable to me and that I was considering just cancelling the order all together. She said that could be done, but I would be charged a restocking fee. At that point, I told her to find the driver and call me back.

At 11:50 PM, my phone rang again. This time it was the driver telling me that he would be at my address in about 10 minutes. I told him that I just could not accept delivery at that hour. He said that he had 20 deliveries scheduled that day and fell behind, and that he would contact his manager to see what he could do and call me right back.

At 7:50 AM on Saturday, my phone finally rang again. The driver stated that he would be there in about 10 minutes. The drivers were courteous and professional. It is not their fault that they had 20 deliveries, nor that deliveries are scheduled until 10 PM.

When I finally got in touch with customer service. They said nothing. Silence. Not even an apology.

When you decide to order from Rooms to Go, don't expect your delivery to be on time!

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