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on 3/18/13 I went into the local store in Greensboro NC and bought 2 separate beds for my kids. Loft beds with stairs and dressers.

We are told they need bunkie boards...we say ok put the bunkie boards on. Total bill is $2500.00. 1 hour down the road the lady calls from rooms to go and tells us she forgot to the put the boards on we would need to come back and pay for it. We tell her we cannot today she says ok pay online and gives the instructions.

Never worked ended up having to go back to the store and pay. Delivery date was to be 4/13/13. My kids are excited about their new beds. The day comes and they forget one footboard for the loft ned and the rails for both steps.

I call on 4/13 same day and was told we will call you Monday. The lady calls Monday and says ok they will be there on 4/16 with the footboard...they came today and tried to take the headboard for the 2nd an exchange for the footboard. Now I am not a rocket scientist but something tells me you need 2 of each piece for each bed. And still no rails for the steps.

Made a call again explained no this is not what it is suppose to be. I need another footboard and the rails for the steps...waiting on call back. Common sense would tell the people who pull orders and load the trucks that if there are 2 beds (identical) going to the same location there would be a need for 2 of everything. Not only is the problem not fixed I am waiting for a 3rd time for the order to be right.

And while the people are deciding what to do my children are without beds. I work in the logisitcs world and this is not how you do business. A sorry does not cut it.

I think the delivery charges should be reimbursed or something. Never have I been so disgusted.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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We apologize as this is definitely not how we expect deliveries to go. It sounds like you are already in touch with our customer service department. If not, please send us your order details to as we would love to look into this.

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