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Update by user Oct 13, 2018

Executive Leadership has taken control and is resolving the issue to full resolution. I am delighted.

Original review posted by user Oct 11, 2018

I respectfully demand that this email be forwarded and delivered to the top Executive Customer Relations department officials of Rooms To Goo. I demand a response and Executive resolution.

There have been grave error committed by Rooms to Go that are thoroughly documented and that I am herein providing visual photographic documented proof of.

On August 29th I walked into Rooms to go Boca Raton Fl.

I sat on a Milano Stone Power Plus reclining Loveseat with Center Console. SKU 15406449


It it was part of a big Labor Day Sale. In order to close the sale they offered for me to pay a $100 deposit to lock in and guarantee the item and the sale price and allow time for full payment. This led me to believe that it was reserved. I ended up paying for something that in less than 30 days didn't exist and wasn't even notified of such.

They created an aggressive sales package offer to seal the deal that day. They created a special SKU and package modification that technically doesn’t normally exist anywhere and is non official I was told. SKU#1070549P with 2 Milano STONE..not BEIGE PowerPlus Reclining Loveseats with Center Console.

This new package modification they created specially right then which was supposed to be for Quantity 2 of: Milano Stone Power Plus Reclining Console Loveseats - and they further lowered the sales price in this way to seal the deal.

I decided to purchase the item and of the color I was sitting on as I loved it.

In less than 30 days on September 28th, I paid the full remaining balance and delivery fee.

A problem since that time…somehow what I wanted magically vanishes from the sales floor and I was it was quote “DISCO'd” meaning discontinued.

However , I had an open order and reservation for 2 of them. I was never at any time notified that this happened and both they and customer service are still fully unable to explain or account for how this happened.

I upon paying in completion... eagerly called the 800 number for Rooms To Go to schedule my delivery and found this out and was told I had to call the store.

They tracked down.. The Manager supposedly located 2 “floating” around in inventory and scheduled a delivery.I was told that often times there are still some in the system for specific issues. This was definitely one of them.

I argued that it said Beige and I wanted Stone.. They insisted numerous times over and over that they were one and the same. Nope!




On the day of delivery - 3 delivery guys showed top with a truck and 1 Loveseat in a blanked and 1 in a box. I immediately said these are not the color I selected. They ignored me. I said I said I ordered Milano Stone. He pointed out the color and says Beige which is a tan form of brown and a completely and totally different color set of furniture that what I intend to purchase SSTONE a light color. The delivery people were rude, in a hurry, apparently running behind, they damaged my front screen door and didn’t’ even stay long enough to test the furniture or let me do a walk around and sit in and test it. They did not fully test it, they are supposed to. They left packing materials behind and orange strips emerging from the backs of the loveseats and didn't close/seal the velcro on the rear backs. They were out of here! They quickly said you have 3 days to call if there is a problem as they were quickly walking out my door as fast. As possible. I asked where the cup holder inserts where…he said they are right there sir..I asked where I’m sorry I don’t see them. He said right here as he abruptly opened and closed the center console. Very rude, condescending, intolerant, impatient and unprofessional. I was disgusted with the service I received that I paid $99 for as a delivery fee. Some competitor companies do not charge this fee to Customers. You do. This was my home and I paid for this, not be disrespected and condescended in my Home. Nobody would find that acceptable.

I could not believe they would not stay to help me fix my screen door as they forcefully jammed it open and it refused to close again. They didn’t stay. No time, have to leave..sorry!! I had a handy man come and look at it. That was rude and unprofessional to say the very minimal and least. Pathetic Customer Service. I told the Supervisor on the the phone that I used to work for Apple and that Apple would never allow this kind of *** and disgusting Customer Service and total lack of quality control and derogatory treatment to a Customer. He said this is not Apple, I quipped back..You got that right!!

I observed the boxed loveseat be abruptly cut out out of the box they turned the furniture face down causing the front facing leather in console section to have 3-4 small black puncture holes, by small dark debris they brought in on their their shoes. I noticed they were not Stans or marks, they were indeed 3-4 small puncture holes through the leather. I would not accept that. I quickly tested the other loveseat only to find that the headrest motor on the left side did not function at all.

This was unacceptable in every way. I called the store I bought from immediately and they said the color was right and that perhaps I was my seeing it differently due to lighting. I insisted that beige is is not stone. Kelsey from the store said it’s the only color. I said it does not what I sat on that was now magically gone and discontinued in that less than 30 day time period. I challenged them to look online at the SKU and the color of Milano stone to see that beige was not even remotely close to being then same color. They are vastly different. She said I don’t know what to tell you, the SKU shows Beige and Stone are the same. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME BY ANY MEANS AND THIS EMAIL VINDICATES AND PROVES IT. They made me feel as though I was stupid not understanding the colors correctly. I have since been told by a store Office Rep that I was wasting her time that there is no more solutions and they recommend I refund and shop elsewhere. That is just to release of all and make me go away. Makes me feel like and unwanted and nuisance Customer. This is not my fault. I stood firm and said no this does not match what is shown online and what I say upon. They said said sometimes thee are minor and minute shade variations, however, this was even remotely true. What I received was NOT stone it was beige and they are INDEED 2 vastly different colors. They SKU was wrong and she said it is called both. You can not call 2 different colors the same. That is impossible and it can not be true. 2 different things and 2 different shades of color can not be the same. Even if the store would have called me when these items when quote “DISCO’d all of this could have been circumvented and prevented before it was too late.

So with the headrest motor defunct on one loveseat and punctures caused by the delivery people on the other I called Customer Service….they also could not explain what happened. However a very nice lady was kind and took ownership and said she would order 2 BRAND NEW ONES and due to this damage and neglect of my furniture she will leave DIRECT AND VERY STRICT SPECIFIC ORDERS that they are NOT TO UNDER ANNY CIRCUMSTANCES REMOVE THE ITEMS FROM THE BOX UNTIL IN MY PRESENCE. THEY WERE PROMISED TO ME AND CONFIRMED TO BE 2 BRAND NEW ITEMS UNREMOVED AND PROHIBITED FROM BEING REMOVED FROM THEIR BOXES TO PREVENT THIS. She kiddingly said she found the last 2 for me. I now know that was no joke.

She said I would receive a $50.00 courtesy refund credit back to the original credit card and it would occur after delivery of the BRAND NEW UNBOXED items arrive. Understood. Made sense.

Today they arrive I stayed home yet another day for Rooms To Go Because of their errors , neglect and damages. The truck arrived with 2 extremely tightly and compressed heat shrink wrapped loveseats. They took one out of the truck I said NO..these were under strict orders to NOT BE TAKEN OUF THE BOXES. He was a kind man but he said sometimes the orders are not followed or they are ignored by the loading warehouse people because they can squeeze more items into a truck when setting items upright on their sides and shrink-wrap (compressing the leather furniture) and surrounding in a blanket rather than in bulky boxes. I told him there was a very specific and strictly to be enforced reason why they were ordered to be not be unboxed until in my presence. They were pretty much the last of their kind in the United States I was told. I have since been told that is pretty much true.

HUGE PROBLEM, the first one I allowed to brought in was IMMEDIATELY CLEARLY WITHOUT ANY MISTAKE OR LIGHTING DIFFERENCE AS It was dismissively downplayed and said from the store. to be a VASTLY DIFFERENT COLOR THAN the 2 currently in my residence BUT the same model style...Milano. SURPRISE!!!! These these were actually true Milano Stone color that match what I sat on in the store and what SKU# 15406449 is clearly marketed and displayed everywhere it’s line is shown on the Rooms To Go Website. They even at the store said perhaps the colors are different on the website.. I said no, they are not…there is a Milano stone and now proof that totally different Milano Beige model exists. It was clear as day and both of the same color as a matching set so it wasn’t a lighting issue or color variance due to leather pieces. This was specifically the true and exact Milano Stone that I sat on in the store that they no longer have and that a now current sample fabric doesn’t match, what I intended to purchase and actually fully wanted and was told didn’t exist. TOTAL VINDICATION. The 2 sets side by side and on the truck show vastly and unmistakably without any question or doubt a Stone and Beige color difference. The drivers said there was no question and you can se in the pictures THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY 2 DIFFERENT SETS COLORS OF THE SAME STYLE MILANO FURNITURE. I was not crazy and confused like the store said. There is a clear problem with Rooms To Go and the SKU’Color Labeling of this product.

Problem: Since they were unboxed against what I was promised and against the assurances I was given from Customer service that the quote last 2 would be ORDERED to BE IN THEIR BOXES AND NOT TO REMOVE UNTIL MY PRESENCE and BRAND NEW…well the guy called me on my phone and said Mr...., I NEED YOU TO COME LOOK AT SOMETHING BEFORE WE BRING THIS loveseat up. I came down and looked. He quickly showed me that the upper corner of the blanket around the upper corner of the loveseat had a massive gash piercing through the blanket, through the loveseat and into the furniture corner. The armrest had a large scratch. It was ruined. Orders were not obeyed, quality control failed. I said absolutely not, take it back..I reject this damaged and flawed product. Unacceptable in every way. It should have never been out of the box first of all as I was promised and assured and as it is documented on my account that it was strictly prohibited from having been done so, secondly, why on earth was it ever on the truck or loaded onto the truck in that very clearly damaged condition? Quality control neglect failure and dereliction of job performance duties. He apologized and put it on the truck. Who in their right mind would think is acceptable and okay to deliver, let put on a truck for delivery? Absolutely Not! Total failure by the warehouse, quality control failure, drivers failure to not detect it until they were unloading it. These 2 people were the nicest people though. Profusely apologized. The 1 loveseat they had already brought in, I was not happy with….the heated tight shrined wrap compression and squeezing of the shrink-wrap and blankets rather than being safely resting NEW in a box didn’t feel and look right…the leather was wrinkled, squished and out of shape as though it was worn over time. Unacceptable compared to the appearance of the WRONG colored items I had in my residence that were in both delivery instances Rooms To Go Employee damaged but looked NEW and smooth and vastly superior in comparison.

They took the 2 bad items and left what they though was the best of the 2 different color sets bunch so I something to sit on. I called Customer Service, they said there was nothing they could do. I said can you explain this…why all of a sudden the Milano STONE set that I actually wanted and was repeatedly told that I was misunderstanding the color existence of and basically crazy showed up and it was unboxed and damaged? Had those 2 items been boxed and protocol orders followed...they would have not have been flawed or damaged and I am told that both of these 2 sets are irreplaceable now…the Beige and Stone which they still refuse to admit that both exist…This has exposed an issue with SKU and color descriptions….(Since my complaining, I noticed that online the references to Beige is almost completely gone and not consistently referenced displayed and called Milano STONE. Coincidence??? There are at least 4 manufactured and should be each uniquely Sku'd colors of the Milano sets..not the 3. There is : STONE, BEIGE, BLUE, BROWN. This was solidified and visually proven today.. The Supervisor on the phone said the item I received which finally being exactly what I wanted and intend to purchase all along and would have delightfully and cheerfully kept if they had not been unboxed and damaged. Customer service received emails..confirmed they are 2 distinctively different colored items and that I was not wrong but said they could do nothing. Limited choices. Your money back…and I sit on the floor…after I am put through *** by Rooms To Go. Nope, not off the hook that easy!! 2 days I gave to remain home to this company for delivery, 2 days they failed in every single possible way and don’t seem to give a rats toosh!!! They destroyed and ruined all chances of getting what I paid and waited/gave up continued time waiting around for for.

I must now allow a 3rd day to taken to hopefully either fix or remedy Rooms To Go fully at fault and being fully in error for the 3rd consecutive time. Please tell me how this as an acceptable standard or customer service standard to be measured as decent or appropriately acceptable in any way shape or form? It’s the worst of its kind. You have a serious problem to fix.

I was told that what I received is not a Milano set, that they originally came out of boxes with the wrong SKU's and were a “Mispick” by the warehouse who cut open the boxes that had the same SKU but a product made in a color that he can’t identify or confirm. Yes you can…look at the freaking website…Hello?????? Warehouse, Shippiing/Delivery went against orders and damaged and loaded them on the truck. The Supervisor could not identify what I had. I said it’s pretty simple…it’s Milano Stone Power Plus Console Reclining Loveseat….THE REAL MILANO STONE…He said it wasn’t Milano it was some other model but it can not be identified…YES IT IS! IT IS EXACTLY MILANO STONE. AND I HAVE A MILANO BEIGE, which now they are all existence and mention of. Coincidence??? Something has changed in colors or SKU and their people do not know their right hand hand from the left hand in this and ruined everything in every way that it could be. Call the blasted manufacturer or distributor and get to the bottom of it. Identify and account for these discrepancies in model colors and skus. Why hasn’t that been done? No explanations provided to me. They don't care. You’ve got some serious issues going on. It’s as clear as day and night. You have at least 4 colors of that model now proven to exist or have existed….You’ve got major SKU and inventory description issues. It’s been made clearly evident, by this hideous botched mishap and demonstrated negligence. Now I am told the 2 indeed confirmed different and unexplainable colors one of which they don’t acknowledge even exists or says it’s the same as the other ..LOOK AGAIN AT THE PHOTOS…DEBUNKED... I now have a derelict mismatching furniture set, one of which is truly the color I want and wanted.

THIS IS ALL COMPLETELY ROOMS TO GO PROBLEM FROM BEGINNING TO START, THEY GIVE NO OR INCONSISTENT EXPLANATIONS AND CRAPY SOLUTIONS AT BEST. They make you feel bad for being upset and voicing complaint. He said if I wanted another set online or something of like quality and price range they would match it. HOWEVER, here is yet another example of disgusting and repulsive Customer Service…I was told they would match only against that custom made and further lowered sales price and not even the full price of what that furniture is. I said that is unfair. In this case the value as an its rewritten should be honored. I said these were bought on sale and then then the price was made lower by creating a package deal SKU that doesn’t officially even exist by Rooms To Go but you will only allow the recognition of the unofficial SKU against all official SKU's? This is a major Customer Service issue that the Company needs to take ownership of and to resolve this it should not be a limitation…so cheating me out of hundreds of dollars of original value and current sales floor worth of that furniture in possibly choosing quality furniture is a rip-off. There is no possible or fair way to compare Apple’s to Oranges when you are taking a hugely discounted and custom modified and non-existent package and trying to match it up against an already existent on the floor official and real package.


No, ROOMS TO GO NEEDS TO TAKE FULL OWNERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL OF THIS CRAP THEY HAVE CAUSED AND PUT ME THROUGH AND NOW EXPECT ME TO GIVE ANOTHER DAY FOR THEM TO DO A 3RD ATTEMPT TO FIX IT AND THE DERELICT SET I HAVE NOW FROM ME. I might be willing to consider the Blue if there no other solution your company can achieve to fix this unbelievable and repeatedly demonstrated negligence. I am expected to now offer and give up a 3rd and possibly 4th day of my time to fix their problems yet again. This is not acceptable. They have gone out of their way to make me feel bad by saying..Well what wan from us? we can't fix it....Just take a refund. Not the correct way to handle the issue.

If I choose a blue set I demand and expect this company to do more than $50.00…that was try#1. Were on try #3 or Possibly #4 days to get their act together. If you continue to send me crap, I will continue to send and reject the crap back.

I would prefer if this item that is indeed stone which you now have visual proof of existence that matches your website..what is not shown on your website are these BEIGE color models. Show me where this model with this specific color is displayed or shown in it's true color accuracy on your website and not mislabeled as Stone which I have proven it is NOT. This shuts down the unknowledgeable comments of it not existing and that it cold not be identified as they have been unable and totally unwilling to do and see if it can be found NEW. Apparently I have the unlucky pleasure of having 2 mismatched sets that do not exist anymore in the United States of America. How lovely!

I have every right to be upset at this point.

If if there is no choice left I might choose the blue, but there is a PowerPlus Recliner chair made in the blue still available. I would expect the $50.00 refund already in the beginning promised and significantly more discount to be applied to it or include the chair or a massive discount off it. Rooms To Go needs to own this even if there is cost involved. The company needs to do far more to make this utter mess they created right. This is Rooms To Go problem and fault and I am holding to full accountability their feet to the fire of accountability (An expression). If this is not resolved then as a rightful consumer and what any right minded customer would and should do is report to The Better Business Bureau and the State Attorney Generals Office for business ethics investigation. I mentioned it to an office Rep on the phone they didn't and more or less said that's your prerogative to do so. How's that for a Company to demonstrate Customer Service?

I was jut now update informed that the Supervisor told me on the phone is incorrect info. I can’t switch to the blue…it’s apparently vanishing as well. All that they can do now is said refund me and I sit on the floor after having no furniture because I ordered and paid for new furniture from you and parted with the old, this has failed in every conceivably possible way, telling me I can choose another set which there is nothing in that price range and style that’s truly equal due to only honoring a diminished value price match from the non exist package it was price based upon. I can drive all over the State as all showrooms are different or accept a dark brown Milano *** color set of Milano that apparently still exists in the PowerPlus loveseat and still the PowerPlus Recliner. I can see why it’s available it’s a grotesque color. If all these records were to be asked for by an Attorney..just stating as an example…it would firmly and indisputably show Rooms To Go failing in every single way on multiple days, multiple Managers, Supervisors, Warehouse, Drivers, Call Center and Showroom Stores leadership. This information if it were a check box list would-be negatively failed all across the board from your company with very minute room for exception.

I expect and answer quickly from your executive offices. I expect a direct phone call to me. I want this corrected and new date quickly and possibly if it’s the only solution switch to the blue Milano and want a very aggressive effort on the PowerPlus recliner that matches. This is the least they can do to fully resolve this and demonstrate true Customer Service and fulfill the values they claim to stand for but have failed in every way to show. At this point, I do not feel that is at all unreasonable or doubt that someone in upper executive authority can over ride and make it happen after seeing what’s happened and been done to me. This email is expected to be placed on the highest desk possible with powers of resolution.

Please contact me immediately. A Ticket Urgently opened with Customer Care has received NO response. Thank you in advance for demonstrating prompt Leadership in your Company and Intervention tom prove that you do truly care about your Customers , Stand behind your products sold, and stand for Customer Service and show honor and integrity as a Company to make grave things such as this right for Customers especially given all of the extraordinary circumstances and factors involved. Full exceptions are warranted and just.

Thank you! I await response and Executive intervention action.

Product or Service Mentioned: Milano Loveseat.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2870.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Rooms To Go Pros: Look of the furniture, Good price.

Rooms To Go Cons: Unprofessional customer service, Business ethics.

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