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Mr. Keon (Iranian as he introduced himself) was so nice to us promising to find a room to stay.

According to him he has more than 500 rooms, and he said if customer doesnt like the room he will help untill customer chooses one. But all these only before customer make a payment, after the payment done, he gives 1 small agency address (which we know) and ask us to go and ask room from them. basically he does not do anyhting just cheat money from interbational students or locals from far states. Next day when we call and ask more rooms he says he does not have time for me, and He said "GO AWAY, GO AWAY, GO SUE ME AND TAKE YOUR MONEY BACK IF YOU CAN" and just hang up.

Same thing happened to my friend from Chicago. Im sure there are many people cheated by him, but they just dont know where to go. PLease Help.

Mr.Keon. Office located in 11Penn plaza Suite 5157, new York.

NY 10001. Phone number: 212 695-rent

Monetary Loss: $100.

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This is so true. Never ever believ this man and this site.

Its cheat...

Mr.Keon. Office located in 11Penn plaza Suite 5157, new York.

NY 10001. Phone number: 212 695-rent


I should of known before...I scheduled an appointment with him because I needed a room asap. When I went to the office I though it was a legal thing, The building looks professional and the lobby too but as soon as you go to his office its a different story.

He is in this little *** office with a couple of chairs. He was kind enough to ask us how I was doing and how may he help me, and I kindly reply I am here to ask a few questions before I decide to rent a room. His face expression changed completely and told me you are wasting my time, I dont have time for you, Im a very busy man, check the website thats why the website is there, if you are not here to pay leave and come back when you ready to pay.

I was in shock and left that ugly man disgust me. I hope his business closed down he is just getting money from people that are desperate.

KIAN *** YOU!!!!!


Thanks for the heads up. it's sad to see craigslist with so many scam artists on it's board for rooms now (

it even goes for jobs too when you apply for a job and then they try to bait and switch you.

by trying to scam $597 out of you. craigslist was never like that before.

sad real sad. :eek :(

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