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My husband and I have been customers of Rooms to Go since 1991, both when we were single, and then after we married and started to furnish our homes. We have always enjoyed their furniture and have continued to make purcheses from their company, that is until today.

Our issue started when we had to replace our mattress again for the 3rd time in 12+ years. To be fair, we do not blame RTG for the mattress-issues. We do however know we have a 10 year non-depreciation rate with each mattress and each claim has been validated by THEIR technicians. We were informed that we would be receiving a check in the mail and that we would need to purchase a new bed. Again, that is fine, we have no issue with this, what so ever. What we have issue with is being treated like we are at fault and talked down to by the store manager "Well, we are unable to make you happy with your beds" and their sales person:" Dude." First of all, we were very happy with the beds, it's not our fault they don't hold up (again, their techs verified the extreme 2+ sagging)....if we weren't happy, we wouldn't come back and buy from RTG, period. Second of all, do not call us "Dude", do not tell us we have to buy your most expensive bed (Tempurpedic). I explained I didn't like the feel of that bed. He started telling me why I need to like this bed. Guess what? I. Don't. Like. It. Period. I know what I do and don't like, if I don't like the feel of something in the store, I am sure not going to like it at home!

I don't need to hear: "well, I'll see you in 5 years then!" If I ask you if you sell the other mattresses in your store, I also don't need you to say to me, "Well, I can write up the paperwork for another mattress, but I only SELL Tempurpedic."

Wow, really DUDE? Really?

Well, let me tell you what, Dude. Not only did we leave your store, we went up the road to a competitor, who treated us with respect, took the time to ask questions and find out how we sleep, what specifically we were looking for in a mattress, and did not take us anywhere near a Tempurpedic bed or anything with memory foam....

So,...we bought a $3000 mattress set, 2 leather recliners and a new dining room set!

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Indeed Amy and April!! I'm terrified to step foot into RTG after reading all these reviews!!

Customer service is a very important aspect to me when I am making a large purchase, as it is obviously important to others. It seems RTG has terrible customer service and terrible quality products.


Maybe it's just me, but David Johnson alomg with the entire RTG team seems to have a well rehearsed speech, of "I am so sorry you had this problem, please ......." What the what?

RTG has awful customer service, rude employees as well as *** furniture.


I also have been to that RTO and they are very rude. I will never send any one there!!!

Amy I am with you 110%. I believe if we spread the word of our experiences then maybe they will lose enough customers and start taking customer service seriously!!!


I’m really sorry to hear about the behavior you described while visiting one of our showroom locations. In researching your request, I do see that you have contacted our customer care office, and the information is being reviewed by the appropriate personnel.

Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience, and hope to serve you better!