San Angelo, Texas
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In order to have my furniture delivered to my home, it would have been an additional $1000 fee. Instead, I made arrangements to pick it up at the Distribution Center in Arlington.

I called to make sure everything was in..and told them I would be there on Wednesday. the lady on the phone said I was scheduled to pick up on Saturday. Because Arlington is 5 hours from home, I can't just run up there....So...she changed my pickup day to Wednesday. When I get there, I have to give my ID to 2 different "security" people.

Then when I actually pull up to the docking station, no one bothers to ask me what I need. I assume it has been transmitted from security. About 15 minutes pass and I decide to go in to the bldg even though the sign clearly says "Stay with your vehicle." The guy asks me AGAIN for my ID and I explain to him what I am there to pick up. I also tell him my daughter will be picking up part of the furniture as I don't need an entire room...just couch ottoman and recliner.

He looked at me like he didn't know what to do.... give me a break! THEN, I wait another 45 minutes while they put "protectant" on my couch! Now if I have an appointment, shouldn't THAT already be done???

Sure enough, I finally get my stuff (after helping the lazy guy load because no one else would come over there) and leave. The next day, my kids drive 40 miles one way to pick up their stuff. Guess what! They don't let them in because they don't have an appointment!

What a place!!!

The ONLY reason I bought from them in the first place is because I was hurried. the quality of the furniture is not what I'm used to....Anyone, only go there as a last resort!

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I understand your aggrivation but please allow me to clear things up for you if I can. The protectant isn't applied until the customer gets to the warehouse to pick up their order because you may not show up even though you have an appiontment.

If that happens then there's furniture laying on the dock getting in everyones way. it's the same reason your order isn't pulled and waiting for you when you get there. On average that warehouse has 60-100 customers a day picking up furniture. If everything was pulled and put on the dock then how is anything going to get loaded with it all in the way?

And if you don't show up then it has to get put back into the racks. It was your job to make another appiontment to pick up the rest of your things. The guards are there for your safety not to schedule your appiontments.

You could have told the cpu clerk and the person would have scheduled it for you. But your kids still would need proper id.Bitchy people cost everybody more money and time.