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Update by user May 28, 2012

I wanted to come back and update my review, since some things have happened and I received what I had been asking for since the beginning of my experience with Rooms To Go. After posting this review on Pissed Consumer, David Johnson of Rooms To Go corporate left a comment with an email address. You can see the email in the comments section.

I then emailed my complaint letter to the address he had provided, and got a very quick response from a Mr. Parker in Customer Relations. He looked into my problem, and it took a couple of emails back and forth, but he was extremely professional and granted me a full refund of my money.

The table was picked up from my house a few days later, and I received a refund check in the mail about a week later.

For those of you still having problems with this company, I would urge you to take full advantage of that email address. Let them know what your problem is. Hopefully, they can fix it for you.

I am thankful for the professional behavior of Mr. Parker, and that this situation has been concluded. I still will not be doing business with this company ever again. There were just too many problems on too many different levels. I\'m just glad someone took the time to read my review and get back to me.

Original review posted by user Apr 27, 2012

If you are even considering purchasing anything from Rooms To Go, please heed my advice and refrain from shopping with this company. The past 12 months have been a complete nightmare thanks to Rooms To Go. Last April, I purchased the Aniston Dining Room Table along with four side chairs and two arms chairs. I spent over $1600. I have had multiple deliveries, and received either broken, damaged, or used furniture. I've been lied to more times than I can count. I have had multiple employees treat my husband and I horribly, going so far as to make fun of us when they thought we weren't paying attention. Now, less than a year later the furniture I shelled out cash for is falling apart, and it's rarely ever used.

I've made countless calls to customer service, and am always told something different. They have refused to give me my money back. The only option they will give me is to go pick out something of equal or lesser value. Unfortunately, I don't want anything else from this company, because I know it will be more substandard furniture. I've been blogging about my experience with this company, and will post links if you wish to read about my situation in detail.

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@David_Johnson...I think that's the point this poster is trying to make...the poster has TRIED (much like I had in the past) to get help, but nobody in RTG is willing to help. Like him/her, my furniture started to fall apart within a year of purchasing it and it was deemed "wear and tear" despite two technicians saying it wasn't.

Plus the protection plan we were suckered into buying did nothing to help us. Honestly, every time my wife and I called customer service, the person on the other end has absolutely no interest in helping and they always have that "I hate my job" attitude. These are the reasons my wife and I, who have spent a lot of money with RTG, will never go there again. Sorry for being blunt, but as it seems you work for RTG, you should know what is going on there.

To me, sending an email to that address you provided would just result in...nothing (based on prior history of trying to deal with your customer "service" department). I work for a global IT company and if we treated our customers like RTG does, we'd be out of business without a question.


I’m sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your purchase with us. If there is anything that we can possibly help with, please email us the details and order information to