San Antonio, Texas

Rooms to go is a fraudulent company that hides behind its' 2 billion dollar revenue and corporate lies. IT DOES NOT PROVIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE as I just experienced today after purchasing over $4000. dollars and half of it broken when delivered. When I called the corporate call center, the female said she was at the corporate office, when I asked if she knew the names of the two Owners or CEO she could not answer me. She gave me another date out in Jan to re-deliver, what a joke!

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY and also Consider Joining in a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT!!! More to follow

Pissed of Consumer and Will NEVER buy or recommend ROOMS TO GO!!!! :(


Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I'm very disappointed with Rooms to go because they got special buy with no interest. So I bought a recliner love seat and sofa. And they are charging the interest .they said gonna fixed but they didn't


So the real truth comes out...Bottom Line, WE HAVE CANCELLED OUR ORDER and WILL SHOP ELSEWHERE THEN RTG.

After talking to the local store and corporate office, what happened is a piece of furniture came damaged on the delivery truck and was already marked damaged before it got to us (I have pictures). Both offices tried delay tactics by extending the delivery date until they could actually get a replacement piece which they did not have in stock at their warehouse and knew it all along. This is deceitful business practices and against the law which I will turn in to the Attorney General's Office for the State of Texas and the FTC to inform them.

DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ROOMS TO GO (RTG)---this is based on my personal bad experience with RTG.


Hello- Again, I am very sorry to hear that you are experiencing all this with your delivery. I would still like to hear from you so that I can assist you in getting this resolved.

Please send me the order information to so that I can help you directly. Thank you, April.


As far as TellUsRTG,

Consider reimbursing my salary for two days I had to *** from work due to your companies incompetency of not getting the order right. That would be around $500 a day x 2 for $1000 dollars.

Just shows that I will never order form RTG again, nor will I recommend the RTG to my friends and clients...cheers :p


:( Here again to show RTG incompetence, I had to get the local RTG Manager from the store I bought from to move the date up a week to redeliver my damaged furniture, so they re-delivered today but forgot the main piece!!!! So brought two of the three pieces, I called the Customer Service help line, what a joke, never did call me back.

So I drove to the store and complained.

Said they would try to re-deliver for tomorrow, yeah right, was suppose to call back to confirm but never did.

As far as Uncle Buck, could care less about your write up, I might be 1 of 10,000 but doubt it, since the delivery guys said mine was one of three deliveries on same day that were damaged an adult, that is why I have also blogged on other websites that the over 2200 complaints, that's right Uncle Buck, 2200 complaints should ban together and consider a class action law suit... :( :x :(


I am a direct competitor with Rooms to Go and I can tell you dear consumer that in the grand scheme of things you are a itty bitty fish in a huge ocean, Their success is attributed to the fact that they provide superior service to their customers when compared to other similar retailers. You have every right to be irritated if your order was incomplete, damaged or even lost.

But rest assured that for every 1 complaint they receive there are 10,000 customers that had no issues or difficulties with their purchase. I wish you well is solving this issue like an adult :)


Hi- I am sorry for the disappointment that you received from our customer service. Rooms To Go takes pride in our integrity and company and do want to get this resolved for you as fast as possible.

Could you please email me your order details to "Attention Pissed Consumer" as the subject line so I can look into this for you?

I look forward to hearing from you. ~April



Just to show your continued incompetence of your were suppose to set up a delivery for today for one piece. Your Customer Care for kids (Ashley) cannot even get that right as they have now told me it is a Jan 14 delivery date and she did not call me back to confirm a new delivery date which was suppose to be 31 Dec.

So I called the Customer Care for Kids again and talk to Vicki, who is now working on the order, and suppose to call me back, we will see her results. In the meantime I called the RTG store on loop 410 and talked to a third manager this time (Joelle) who cannot promise me anything and again has to talk to the Corporate Store (Vicki)...AGAIN LACK OF CUSTOMER CARE AND SUPPORT much like the other 2000 plus complaints against Rooms To Go (RTG). If redelivery for the remaining piece is not done for today, RTG can come get the furniture and I will show another store to buy elsewhere.

I will also continue to let consumers as well as the Federal Trade Commission (FTG) and the State of Texas (Attorney General's office for fraud and lemon law know what has transacted. :( :p :(



Federal Trade Commission (FTC)


I was able to get with Vicki regarding your account since I never received any order information. I do see the order is dated for January 3rd now to bring out the new headboard.

She also stated that you have decided to return the items instead. Is that correct?