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The salesman verbally informed us that the furniture has a 48 hour return policy. He did NOT state that the return policy started from the actual purchase and NOT from the time the furniture is delivered!

In simple terms, the return policy is a sham. You cannot return the furniture after its delivered. So after you actually receive the goods you have paid for there is no recourse.

The return policy is printed in the lightest grey ink (almost white) against a white background. It took us hours to realize that something was printed on the receipt.

The salesman did not mention, point out or refer to the printed refund or exchange policy. He verbally explained we could return 48 hours after delivery not purchase.

I believe we are not the only people scammed by this company. They should have to display their return policy prominently and in legible form! This is scamming at it's best.

Please tell me what TX law is in regards to displaying purchaser rights or refund policies. I will submit a scanned copy of the receipt. Hopefully when you see or don't see what is printed you will understand this company is hiding it's policy and may be breaking the law.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

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I called wanting to return a $350 chair to the store. Manager hesitantly agreed since it was just delivered, minus 20% restocking fee.

He said the chair would go to outlet in Grand Prairie & be sold for $100!. I said, that's where I need to shop!


I understand. The salesman offered a discount card for 20% of accents for 60 dollars.

I thought it was a good deal. Until I canceled my order for 10,000 with 8,000 being in cash. Then rooms to go would not do an in-store refund because the card was attached. I told them that the salesman never said anything about having to wait 10-14 days for a refund if I added the $60 card to my order.

In fact, when I asked about a refund. He told me that I could get a full refund in-store instantly if it was within 48 hours. Liars and cheats.

Be aware, if any discount cards are put on your purchase , you will not be able to get a full refund instantly. Have the salesman separate the orders.


Their customer service is the worst. They never disclosed to us that if we rescheduled our delivery that we would lose our furniture to some one else.

We are being forced to wait almost 4 months to receive a piece of furniture because the delivery THEY picked for us didn't work.

Sadly to their *** return policy and the fact we will not be refunded the full amount, we are now forced to wait. NEVER AGAIN will we be buying here!


I wouldn't but toilet paper from this bad customer service place!!!!


Rooms to go ain't ***!!!!


This is the worst Funiture Store anyone would want to shop at.

I myself have never nor will never as will advise many to use Common Sense and buy at a store where

#1. You Get Approve for Credit and your full purchase price will be applied to that credit card.

I have never ever seen any Furniture~ Retail~ Clothing Nor major famously known Companies request you pay Taxes and Fees as Delivery, Cash or Debit.

That needs to be looked into with The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

2. They really train their Associates how to convince anyone other then I.

Angrily speaking lure the elderly, honestly I would not take a Job that pays by Commission. I guess Dillard’s and Rooms To Go have much in common.

3. Then Convince a Potential Customer to their Web Of Weave especially if you’re an desperate need and there’s not one to many furniture Stores to compete With. To the point they ( Associates) get them to spend exactly what they were approved for. It’s sad.

4. Then When they realize the items they pick were not suitable for their comfort zone. Because since they (Associates) are “Doctors” they convince the elders “oh, I suggest this if you’ve had this stroke or other”. “Oh, Yes.

This mattress is the BEST for your back, bloodstream or flow”. Yada Yada Yada. And what happens an a situation as such, especially if they’re convince to buy the remote position frame . Which is great, but not for everyone once they try it.

Now, once it’s installed the bed is not what was expected, the frame makes the mattress hazardous as high, based on remote frame elevating height of mattress . And they (Rooms To Go) will absolutely Positively not take it back nor exchange it and on top request 140$ To pick up Item. We are living an a very sad greedy World. I would rather go to NY where the furniture is more lavish and pay less the amount that was charged .

Really?! A bedroom Set sold most by pieces as Sectionals.

And not even a complimentary Gift. This is not done yet.


We are disappointed to learn of the lack of service you've received thus far, and we'd be happy to help any way we can. Care to email us your order info and feedback to TellUs@RoomsToGo.com?


Rooms to go is the worst company to deal with they have Zero customer service and and value nothing Deal with another company for the your home furniture, you will thank me.


Purchased a set from Killeen store with warranty. It's been less then a morning set is falling apart and they won't even look at it.


What a sham this place is. Please do not shop here.

Another unsatisfied customer.


I agree with you. I had to wait 30 days to get my furnuture delivered .

Then to find out you can't cancel the order after 3 days of purchase. Within the 30 days before delivery I found furniture I liked better and cheaper some place else. I wasn't told about the return policy. I had to read it on the reciept.

You should be able to return merchandise up to 3 days after delivery. I will never buy from there again.


If you buy a lift chair from "Rooms to Go," make sure you do not need an extension cord for it. The extension cord will over heat the transformer due to the added resistance and will shorten the life of the transformer and might even cause a fire. The lift chair's manual also says do not use an extension cord....The manager of the store assured me that I would have no problem using an extension cord because the store uses them on their lift chairs, which is a lie, because I did not see any on any of the lift chairs in the showroom....I would buy from Walmart which has a much better return policy if you have to return a lift chair and they a better selection of lift chairs as well.


I will never shop at rooms to go ever! The leather furniture I purchased two pieces was delivered damaged!

I paid in full at the store to have the furniture be delivered 3 weeks later!!! Never ever pay in full without receiving the goods!!!

This is my second attempt to have rooms to go so call professional delivers to hopefully bring my new leather intact!!! After you purchase your goods..you're than treated like manurer!


I am having a similar experience with the outlet center in Brookshire, Tx. It was mainly due to the contractor delivery truck driver.

However I never received the furniture and not once did they show me the Terms and Conditions. I just signed the credit card payment not checking off any statement about accepting any terms or agreements.

then my signature appears on the receipt under a line stating I agree to all the terms and conditions! If I do not receive a 100% refund for the deposit I plan to file a formal complaint with the BBB.


After reading most of the stories on here, I agree with everyone on here. The delivery drivers are Contractors and have nothing to do with Rooms To Go.

I work for this horrible company and I see these reviews DAILY!!!!!!! DO NOT SHOP HERE AND DO NOT WORK HERE! AVOID ROOMS TO GO AT ALL COSTS OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!!! If you buy a package with tv, you have to wait 7 days after Delivery has been completed for the delivery has gone through.

Their intentions are to screw employees and customers. Management talk to you like you are an ***.


30 feet or 30 seconds should be your comp. Motto.

Let's see what the attorney general thinks. He has the info I hope he becomes the rooms 2 go proctologist


:( Are you crazy? Your salesman lied!

I will scan and post the unreAdable returns policy. And you explained it perfectly. I have 48 hours from the minute you take my cash. But your *** furniture takes a min of a week to be delivered.

So I cannot actually see is review ky purchase to decide heh the furniture sucks, it could.not even surviving initial del. So I don't want it. So jimmy the fish go back to jersey and be useful.

Give me my money back and pick up your *** if you stand behind your product! R


I’m sorry to hear about any confusion you may have had in regards to the terms and conditions. Rooms To Go provides a 48 hour cancellation policy after the purchase is made should the customer have any last minute concerns or change their mind for any reason. Should a customer have any problems with their furniture after the delivery, Rooms To Go then tries to work with the customer to find a reasonable solution.

The terms and conditions should be clearly legible. If for any reason if you had any questions to the terms and conditions, the showroom staff would have been more than happy to carefully explain these details or provide a better copy for your records!

If you are still in need of any assistance, please feel free to email us the details to tellus@roomstogo.com. Once we have this information, we can then take a closer look into the situation to see what can possibly be done!


I am writing to you with great disappointment regards to rooms to go behavior towards customer. I am happy customer untill recently and probably a store and few ppl/ Managers , I am sure was violent to me.

Recently I purchased two end tables with other staff from Rooms to stafford location. Unfortunately, two end table does not look good once I brought from distribution center. It is very difficult to judge the match untill something you bring home. So We checked and we did not like it.

We called customer service within 24 hrs to inform them that we want to return them...Initially they said it is too late to return...

U need to decide within 48 hr of purchase. not pick up ( there is no delivery charge since it is self pick up ands install). This is ridiculour rule.... first of all.

Any way We agreed to return with 20 % restocking fee. We gone to store and talked with manager and he said I need to reslect and he told me to talk to Sales man. We started talking to Sales man and We liked few items and told sales man to use the credit what we should have... He gone inside the room and came back, No I can not use the credit since I have not returned the product...

I have to return first. So he told me to go for return come back within 9:00 PM today to buy the product we like him. We started driving to Brookshire facility of Rooms to go ( 30 miles from home) and gone to return the products. To my surprise, they told me I am not eligible to return as I am not scheduled to.....with great disappointment, I gone another day to settle the issue, Manager was behaving same way errotically even he was racist in treating us...

He did not consider talking nicely and even answering any questions I had.

Finally, I told Rooms to Go, Please atleast allow me to return the products, I dont need these. I can not reselect anything which I dont like. I am returning your products atleast give me this chance. I dont your products.

I promise to myself, I will never ever will go to Rooms to go Store to buy anything for myself. and I will discourage everyone I know....

This is not 21st century company.

Sorry for being so rude. and Bye


We've just been hit by the same issue. Furniture delivered was of horrible quality.

Definitely not what we expected. Unfortunately, some of the pieces were not available in the show room, so their claim that the colors matched was false. Also, the pieces delivered seem to have become discolored during storage. Drawers in the same dresser did not match, and in turn the dresser did not match the bed.

Total disaster. We got so annoyed we decided to simply return the merchandise, only to find out that there is no returns.

I'm sorry to say Rooms-To-Go is nothing but a scam, and we fell for it. We spent $1600 and only have a very sad 12-year old to show for it.