Plano, Texas
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I ordered the Masimo Reclining Collection of their online website. 11/26/2012 Paid around 1700.00 for it. I paid cash using a debit card. Took two weeks to get the delivery, because I needed a Saturday delivery. I was out of town on a business trip but my husband accepted the furniture and signed for it. When I got home on Friday, we started trying to put the pieces together. Somehow they have to snap in place to each other. While unsuccessfully trying to get the set snapped together, we noticed how ill made it was. The cushion of the chair on the left hand side,has already been flattened. Flattened like someone had already sat in it for 5 years.

The sewing of the leather in the mid section is all gapped up.

We have had this furniture LESS than a week now! It's not like I've had it for months or years...this is LESS than a WEEK.

So, I just call their so called online support department. They told me " It has been more than 48 hours and there is absolutely NOTHING they or we can do about it now."

I spoke with 3 different people and they all told me the same thing, I paid cash using a debit card so I am totally screwed apparently!

Whatever you do, do NOT BUY anything from these scam artist. ROOMS TO GO ONLINE NOR AT THIS POINT WOULD I BUY FROM THEM AT THEIR STORES.



Monetary Loss: $1700.

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Online purchases do carry a 48 hour return policy, but they also come with a one year warranty against manufacturer defects. When contacting our offices, did you speak with a customer service representative so that we could get someone out to the home to take a look at what’s going on with the piece that you have? If not, if you can send us the details along with your order info to we can help you get this set up as well.