Duluth, Georgia

tried to pay by phone,and on the myaccount. still didn't get it paid.

mail is to slow.may sit on someones desk and charge me a late fee again. even if the payment was mailed early.posted 1 day late from rooms to go.charged me 25.00.last month.if there is a live person to take my payment information that would be great. old school and customer service is better. this is why i didn't want to do business with rooms to go again.

had this same problem last time.i have good credit. can go where i like anytime.

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I agree with you completely. I go through the same thing every month trying to make my payment.

Also mailed in severly payments given the 7 days for the post to deliver and each time the payment was late and each time I was charged a late fee of know fault of my own. So now I pay my payment online each month but it still takes me 45min each time to make the payment.

I agree with you I will never deal with rooms to go again. They SUCK and thats the nice way of saying it.


I’m sorry to hear about any frustration that you may have had while trying to make your payment. As the financing is through a separate company, access to your account is limited to our offices.

However, if you would like to email us the name of the financer, we can then provide any contact information that we have for their facilities. If so, please email us at tellus@roomstogo.com.