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I purchased a new living room set which was suppose to be delivered all in one day. After forgetting peices of furniture and delivering damaged furniture, they have now had to come out to my house 4 times and I STILL DON'T HAVE EVERYTHING.

The last chair they dropped off was damaged and I requested a new chair. Cusomer service was beyond rude!! I was told that they discontinued that chair and would not be able to replace it but could come out and try to fix it. I was okay with this and asked what compensation I would recieve for paying for brand new furniture but receiving damanged furniture.

They let me know that they would do nothing for me but TRY to fix it. They have scheduled to come out to my house 3 times now at times that I have told them over and over I can not be home for.

They told me that since I can not be home between 10-2 any day that I would be forced to keep the damanged (brand new) furniture! I even offered to take the chair back to the store to have it repaired there since I could not be home and this was, apparently, out of the question.

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I’m sorry to hear about these problems as anything more than one delivery is too much. If you can email us the details along with the order information to tellus@roomstogo.com, we’d love to help out in any way that we can.

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