Montgomery, Alabama
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I purchased a $2200.00 sectional from Rooms To Go approximately 2 years to ago. I informed the salesman that my husband was over 6 foot tall and weighed over 200 pounds I sat in a recliner non stop.

Of course he said "No problem " The recliner part of it had problems from the start they had to to come out twice to work on it. One side is literally dragging on the floor, padding in foot rest has shifted. I called them back and they of course stated that the warranty is out and they can do nothing about it.

I assume that Rooms To Go doesn't expect furniture that cost you 2200.00 to last you more than 2 years. I have furniture I bought 15 years ago that is in better condition than this furniture.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

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I have the same sectional and I am going to the same problems I will never ever buy from rooms to go again and I do sprayed it a round to everyone that when they delivered my furniture they ripped my floor that I have just put incalled him a bout itthey wanted pictures and wanted to see my receipts for my floor it is a very poor company


I am very sorry to hear you are having these issues with the recliners on your sectional. While Rooms To Go does have a 1 year manufacturer warranty on our furniture, we definitely expect it to last longer than that.

I would be glad to look into the order if you would like to send the information to "Attention Pissed Consumer. Thanks -April