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It's ashame that I have brand new mattresses that have cuts in them that have been in a spare room still in plastic waiting on my bedroom suite. They were delivered the end of March but who would have thought that when I finally was able to afford the bedroom suite that I would have damaged mattresses that coast me over $1700.00. Call customer service. They said since they have been in my home for a while they would have to send a technician there. When the technician arrived, he could see that the mattresses were brand new still in the plastic leaning against the wall.

Technician took photos and obvious delivered damaged. Customer service call me today and said so sorry you had 48 hours to see the damage so we are doing nothing about it. I explained to them that the mattresses are brand new and that the damage could not be seen with the plastic on them. The arm of my mothers leather furniture ruined and they did nothing about it.

This time I will be getting a lawyer. There customer service department sucks and they don't stand behind there furniture.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Cupid. We really should try to organize a class suit.

The writing is on the walls of several pro-consumer websites. It's just a matter of getting enough of us together to bring the matter to a willing lawyer.


I did read over your comments. However, I was not able to locate your order history in to better address your request. As I do not recommend posting your contact information online, if you can email our office these details at, we can then look further into the situation.


David it is ashame that people have to go to this website to get any type of assistance from Customer Service. There is no more to tell.

You see my information up above. Now if you want like to get in touch with me, please let me know and I will e-mail you.

All I can say is that word of mouth is the best advertisement any company can have.

Considering over the past 2 years that I spent almost 8K grand with you guys and this is how I am treated. They do not want to do anything about ripped mattresses nor do anything about a couch that my mother purchased that ripped on the arm and turned into a mess (72 year old woman who lives along).


I’m sorry to hear about the issues that you have experienced with your order. If you can email us at with the order details, we would love the opportunity to look into the situation further.

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