San Antonio, Texas

because the *** falls apart before the end of the agreement. I will never buy from them again.

The free TV and the extended zero per cent financing sucked me in! The furniture is below any standard and the delivery was too expensive. The 'package' deal was so bad I upped the cost by changing out the end tables, coffee table and lamp. They threw in some upholstery cleaner that works really well.

The workmanship on the sofa, now that the back is in view, is awful!

The velcro stripping doesn't make the skirting align.

Roomstore is a better deal all around.

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What store was this and who was your salesperson


You got wooed, screwed,then tattooed!!!


I do not understand how the condition of your furniture has anything to do with your financing plan. How long was your plan?

24 months, 48 months, 60? Do you have children?

Pets? While I agree the furniture at RTG isn't the highest quality, I will say that with enough effort you can keep your furniture looking the way you bought well after your financing plan is over.


Rtg didn't throw in the upholstry cleaner. Check you re receipt to see if you got slammed.

David knows this happens but didn't mention that. Contact your states attorney general.


What does the "wonderful financing plan" have to do with the fact that you need service on your furniture?


Did you try contacting our customer care office to inquire about filing a warranty claim? Rooms To Go provides a one year manufacturer’s warranty to protect against manufacturer defects should they occur in the home during his period.

If you would like to email us the details of the issue and your order information at, we would be happy to look into your concerns as well.