Tampa, Florida

We have 3 different "rooms" of furniture from Rooms To Go. The first was purchased less than 5 years ago ... and the chair is peeling so bad ... we can no longer sit in it.

The other chair we have owned for less than 3 years ... and has started to peel as well.

The couch we have had for less than 6 months and the button has already come untufted.

They came out to look at one of the chairs ... and issued us a "merchandise credit" ... which apparently, is only valid if you give them back the entire room of furniture. So ... we paid $3500 for furniture 3 years ago ... and you want it ALL back to give us $800? So .... then I would have to go spend another $3500 on more furniture ... so I can have a place to sit? What happened to standing behind your product?

Save your money ... DON'T BUY FROM ROOMS TO GO!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Too late for me though. Already made the mistake and got taken.

Called the salesman back and he told me to bring the pillows back and he'd exchange them. Drove 30 mins. and when I got there he was OFF that day! The manager did exchange the ugly pillows for some even worse ones but I took them..will give them to Goodwill or somebody.

The sectional I purchased was on sale for $1,700 and included SEVEN pieces. I purchased 4 pieces and still paid $1,700. Was talking with salesman and didn't think about it until later.

That's out & out theft! Intending on purchasing new bedroom suite and loveseat for bedroom but I sure won't be purchasing from ROOMSTOGO!!!!


What kind of pillows did you get


I have my leather couch for two years, three months ago started peeling all around. I call Customer Services, asked me to buy a new one...

:cry ..

That was jus funny to ask...waste of money. 1500 loss


Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your furniture. All new purchases are backed with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

In the interest of customer service we do what we can to help, even if you are beyond the warranty period. If you can send your order information to TellUs@roomstogo.com we can make sure you are getting the maximum credit possible.

Please put PissedConsumer.com in the subject line.

Thank you


Yeah listen to us Rooms To Go has the best furniture in the United States! Your just treat the furniture so roughly that it falls apart.

As well as the other 700+ complaints on here. Rooms to Go is the best retail furniture store with THE BEST furniture/customer service in the industry! I mean what exactly to you do with your furniture?!? It's not there to jump around on!

Sit on it use it properly on stay off it (what my mom always said). By the way you should resend your comment TellusRTG these people just dont know what "high quality is if it hit them in the face"


you're an ***!!....nice way to talk to customers!! I had a horrible experience, will never buy your *** again and have advised many people the same............