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Update by user Oct 23, 2013

I am happy to say that as of today Oct 2013 my leather sofa is doing very good and didn't need the extra protection. So please don't fall in their trap about the extra protection BS.

Update by user Jan 16, 2013

I see some people giving this review B.S., you know I think those people are the sales people working in the Room to go and that is sad.

After long period calling and sending emails to management of Room to go, I finally got the whole money for the protection program back which was around 300 dollars.

As I mentioned in my comments before, their furniture is ok, we are using it for almost 2 months now and so fare very good, and I should say I have 2 kids at home, they jump on the furniture, and they make the furniture dirty with their hands or sometimes they eat while watching TV and believe me it is messy because these sofas are leather it just comes off easily and can be cleaned fast.

Original review posted by user Dec 02, 2012

The quality of their furniture is good, my bad review is not about their products; it is about their sales people, they are not honest. We purchased a set of leather sectional for around 4K. In all the excitement between the kids and wife we didn't look at the final bill until a week later when we got the first half of our order and we noticed that they had put this protection plane for $300.00 additional without even telling us. We really got angry, we called the main office and they put me on hold for almost 15 minutes and they were very rude and finally they didn't do anything to help us.

Then I called the store in the woodlands and the manager told us since half of the furniture was delivered he could only take out this protection plane on the half that is not delivered yet. We are supposed to get back $150 back on our account.

But the moral of story is you have to read everything and not trust people, I was very surprised and disappointed when I saw that they cheat on their customers like they did with up. The sales people are cheaters in the room to go in the woodlands. At least the manager understood us, I appreciate that.

But you see the sales person didnt even mentioned the protection option that he included in our bill, this is...... I dont know what to say really........

Monetary Loss: $150.

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They did the same thing to me, but I caught the guy before I paid. He was then incredibly rude to me as if I were *** to not get it.

I should have turned tails and RAN out of the store at that moment.

Delivery was a nightmare and the chair is ***, four years later and I can't even see an RTG truck without thinking about how terrible they are. I tell everyone I know not to shop there.


The Room to go refunded my money for the extended warranty.


I’m really surprised to hear about this situation. The sales associates are aware that the fabric protection warranty is an optional coverage and should be offering it to the customer rather than placing it on their order without notice. If you can send us an email to Tellus@Roomstogo.com with the order details we can take a look to see what type of options we may have for you.