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I purchased a living room set in September 23, 2011 from you. I have spent over $7000 in the past year with you.

Shortly after my 1st purchase my ottoman broke. I had a representative come out and tell me it was my fault so I purchased a new one over $400. Which now I know it wasn't me because the rest of the furniture is falling apart. I then purchased a Swivel Chair, Bar Stools and a complete dining room set not to mention all the decorations.

I have already had to replace the bar stools because they were coming apart, now the stitching is coming off the ottoman the wheels on the chair are broken, my couch is falling apart. I am a single mom with 2 children and I have spent a lot of money with you and this product is terrible. The springs are coming out of where the chase lounge is, in the middle of the couch it is sinking on the right side (which i showed your representative and he said it was normal) now not to mention the frame is broke on the right side of the couch. The quality of the furniture is terrible.

You would think I have had it for years. Which we know this is not the case. I need this fixed immediately. I have repeatedly tried calling your call center which should have been open on Sat and I kept getting a msg that you were closed.

I called the store manager Lynn who is awful! She told me basically I have had the furniture more than a year which is not the case but even if I did have it for a year it should not fall apart that easy. In addition she said I only bought the living room set there. I am not a liar.

Then of course she finds my other order. It should last me for years not a year.

She said she would have someone call me. I can't not believe the service I am getting.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Sorry yes it was 2010. I was mad when I was writing


That is a future date that you claimed to have bought the furniture. I am confused sept 23, 2 2011. Should it be 2010.


:( I had a horrible experience with Room to go as well. Will never buy from them again or reccommend them to anyone.

The customer service is a piece of ----! After months of waiting and two wrong replacement pieces that doesn't fit the dresser drawers, they told me to take a picture. Like *** I will take a picture, I was ready to curse them out. How about I don't pay for the dresser.

I ask to speak to a manager of course no one is there.

Then I ask for the Head Office Manager, I will writing to them, well thats when I some results and now a new dresser is on the way, maybe? Bottom line don't buy from Rooms to Go.