Dallas, Texas
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I went to Rooms to Go today on the corner of LBJ and Preston. I have been eyeing a couch several months and was just waiting for it to go on sale.

I even had a sample of the material it was made from and a friend had a furniture store and told me she could show me how to maintain it and I did NOT need to purchase the additional $65 "treatment" fee. Told the saleslady the MINUTE I told her I wanted to purchase the couch, I did NOT want the treatment and to NOT even mention it. Well..all she could do was mention it and I kept insisting I did NOT want it.

Finally, she walked away and left me for an uncomfortable amount of time (while I'm holding my credit card wanting to buy) and I decided to go find someone else to help me..I finally see her again with the manager and I tell him also I do NOT want the "treatment" and he starts in on trying to sell me it..I finally just walked out. Called the customer service line and basically got "I'm sorry"..

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We sincerely apologize for the disappointment caused, and can certainly understand your frustrations. We would be more than happy to forward your complaint to the appropriate management personnel over this particular location so that he/she is made aware of this situation. Again we sincerely apologize for the disappointment cause and it is our hope to better serve you in the future.