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Update by user Apr 02, 2012

Update: I emailed with my plight. At this point I have engaged the Better Business Bureau, added this very post to other websites, and am awaiting a response from our local news station and their consumer advocacy program.

Totally willing to give rtg the benefit of the doubt. Let\'s see what happens.

Original review posted by user Apr 02, 2012

I bought an entire living room set back in October. Knowing that the furniture was a light color, I went ahead and purchased the miraculous "wonder warranty" that covers everything. The salesperson went through her rehearsed routine, by pouring red juice on a piece of fabric, and then cleaning it right off. She even went as far as stepping on the fabric with dirty shoes and cleaning it right up. I was sold.

Well just called them up on their offer, there is a fairly large stain on the couch that was caused by hair gel. When the technician came out, he promptly said, "I see that all the time, that stain won't come off, just wait for a call from my supervisor on Monday, we typically either replace the piece, or we try to replace the couch if that doesn't work".

"But what about the other stains?", I said (there were small stains caused by juice, etc).

He said not to worry about those either.

Well today I get a call from the supervisor, and since the stain isn't food nor beverage, it's not covered.

So I'm stuck up a creek without a paddle thanks to RoomstoGo's shady sales techniques, and even worse customer service, not to mention their technicians who seem to be interested more in getting to the next stop than performing their regular duties of eliminating stains (please see above, he ignored the rest of the smaller stains".

Lesson learned: Don't buy roomstogo warranty, heck don't even buy at roomstogo. I've read many complaints online and should have heeded their warning. And it looks like the common response roomstogo will give to that is that they deliver thousands of pieces of furniture each day. My response to that is, it only takes one to ruin your reputation, and I've seen literally hundreds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I have the same problem I just talk to them in store, and they do not care about you it is the money they think more than you .


Just had a similar experience! Horrible customer service and very misleading with the warranty.

Extremely disappointed! I will not be a returning customer nor will I let anyone I care about ever buy from this company again!!!


I bought a complete electric recliner couch and chair set for my living room 2 years ago. The fabric is fine but I have recently noticed the left side arm and whole side of the recliner chair is somehow busted and pushing out and away from the body of the chair, like something became unconnected somehow.

Granted no one has ever sat on the arm of that chair or done anything to it since I live alone and that side of the chair is right next to my end table. Not that I would sit on the arm of a recliner, but just in case anyone is wondering. So it looks like I am going to have to go buy another recliner chair after only 2 yrs of use. Really bad quality furniture that was not cheap at all in price.

I don't think I will go to Rooms to Go again even though I have always bought my furniture there for about 30 years. I expected it to last a good 10 years like my other living room sets I have bought from them in the past.


Same exact thing happened to my family the extended warranty is *** and so is Rooms to Go. Good Luck


Purchased RTG top of line leather sofa and chair. Bought warranty and leather treatment.

Inquired about dye fading on chair and was told that it wasn't covered under warranty. Really? Also, beware, the sales staff never mentioned that you have to assemble the tables yourself.

I spent $2,500 on 4 pieces of furniture and they are simply ignoring my request to correct the stain. Avoid this store.


I went to Rooms to Go yesterday looking for a trundle bed and the saleslady did not even know what a trundle bed was-After reading these complaints I will never go back


I went ahead and resent my original email. David, your name is on the title of the email. Please search for it by looking for your name in the title.


Did you email our office at the email address mentioned above recently? I looked into the request and could not find any email inquiries that match your concerns. If you can please resend this information with the order details, it would be much appreciated as we are very interested in taking a closer look into your experience.