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I bought my "Ultimate room package" last saturday as part of the weekend special where if i bought my living rooms set that weekend i would get a free 50" tv from best buy before the superbowl, which meant they only had one week to get me the tv.

Unfortunately, I had no idea until after i bought my living room set that Rooms to go had so many negative complaints about not delivering on time and the lack of coordination on their part to make sure deliveries are sent on a timely manner. So being a skeptic, after reading all the negative reviews, I decided to be proactive and called Rooms to Go to verify that i would get it before the super bowl like the advertisement guaranteed me and the phone operator on monday assure me i would have it by then and that it would be delivered to my house and nothing else could be done at that moment other than wait for the phone call telling me to be at my house to sign for it at a certain time.

Then came today which was Friday and still haven't gotten a phone call and i knew nobody delivers on Sunday, especially super bowl sunday of all sundays, therefore i only had saturday as the last day to get it before the superbowl; so being proactive once again I called and they gave me a reference number and to call best buy directly. After being on hold for a good 30 minutes...grrrr to my surprise i found out i wasn't getting my tv before the superbowl like i was guaranteed to. Definitely poor customer service and not living up to their word for someone taking advantage of an oportunity only to be mislead completely. Now i was given the option to pick up the TV monday at the local bestbuy which is the day after the superbowl which for someone reason since nobody told me that if i had called yesterday i could have picked it up Saturday.

Everything that phone operator told me monday was just garbage and if she had known better i would have been able to, being the proactive person i am, picked up my TV wednesday. Now after all this i'm skeptic about my furniture delivery coming next week and all the drama that's come with it. I would love to be proactive and make sure everything goes smoothly but they already called me to verify shipping time and i'm just awaiting that day to see how bad it's gonna be....i hate to be a pessimist but all these reviews are all telling me to take all the cautions necessary so i can't be screwed over.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Varnville, South Carolina, United States #613193

I once bought a recliner from Fowler's Furniture.Not only this, but I also bought a 1 year (Extended Warranty) from a company that I had only heard good comments about...Until, I Had To Make A Claim...using their extended warranty that cost me nearly 40% of what the purchase price of the recliner was.

That was when this retired English teacher was, as some say, "Taken to school." They sent a woman who acted miffed that she had to drive to the 'bowels of ***' is, I believe, her exact description of what I considered home. Next, she came to the Holmesian conclusion that the arm had been intentionally ripped instead of my granddaughter's leather shoe contacting the leather armrest and peeling the leather back I assume because of dry-rotted thread because the armrest ripped exactly where the stitching had taken place during manufacture of the chair. Well, Mr. Fowler and his 259lb.

body sent me out a notice that when items insured through their insurance company were intentionally ripped the agreement between Seller(Fowlers) and customer(Me) were immediately terminated with no refund being owed to the customer for the remaining time on the extended warranty. Pretty good thinking for a man that didn't reach his obese size from sweating by running around his very large showroom. All I can honestly say is that I hope this letter will direct people to YOUR store, Rooms To Go, instead of the hefty Mr.

Fowlers' den of thieves; workers who may know nothing of...

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:p :sigh :zzz :eek :cry :) :grin :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :x :( :cry :? :) :grin ;) 8) :p


I went to the RTG store located in Katy, Texas. The experience I had at the store was great. Where everything began to go downhill was the delivering process. I was told at the store that I would get a call a day prior to the delivery and that the delivery process ensures that my furniture will arrive in good condition. It's as if they (RTG) took pride in their promise to deliver furniture on time and in good condition.

Well for starters I never received a call prior to my furniture being delivered. I had to take the initiative to call RTG furniture customer service to make sure that RTG were still going to come on the date that RTG and I agreed on. The time to arrive would be between 2-6pm on a Saturday.

The delivery guys came close to 7 o'clock. The guys could barely speak English and were unable to understand a word that I spoke.

I was able to see the truck that housed my furniture and it was packed with so many other things. My furniture was wrapped POORLY!! The word poorly doesn't do justice to how my furniture was wrapped. A freaking disaster waiting to unfold! I always thought that the purpose of wrapping something is to wrap the entire item, not to leave so many openings.

Well, due to the lack of care provided to my furniture in regards to the way it was wrapped and the junk truck filled with so much stuff caused my brand new furniture to get snagged on something in the truck and tear as the movers were moving my furniture from...

The delivery guys in a no care kind of way told me that they would have to contact their dispatcher and I would get a call in about 15 minutes. Poor English but the men were able to enunciate the word "dispatcher" and the words "fifteen minutes." The movers must be used to screwing up peoples deliveries, because those words were the clearest words that I could understand from them. The delivery guys proceeded to continue packing the rest of my furniture but I insisted that they take everything back and return when all of the pieces are intact.

I never received a call from a dispatcher. Now I am just siting here without my furniture waiting for RTG to reschedule my appointment. I am sure no one will call me. I will have to take initiative and call the store to voice my complaint.

Who in the *** wraps furniture without encasing the entire furniture in the wrapping? What type of company hires movers who don't speak English. We are not in Mexico. This is America. I don't have anything against foreigners. I am a foreigner myself but get people who can communicate effectively with you. When I saw the way my furniture was wrapped it brought concern to me. I started to get inside the truck myself and assist. I was afraid that something might happen to my furniture. What I feared the most occurred, my furniture was damaged by the delivering guys from RTG.

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phdwillie, if you break it down, you paid $600 for that $600 bestbuy gift card.Supposedly, you were to get a dscounted price on the Samsung that was referenced from RTG.

When you applied it to something else, you received no bennefit.

I hate to burst your bubble but I also hope you don't go rushing to RTG for the next furniture purchase for a "percieved" free gift card.You kinda got taken with the BestBuy gift card hype.


That sucks, just go to Sams! :grin :upset :( :?


If you look at the price...the TV is not free...

I was looking for the bedroom and the set i saw they were charging $350 more when using the promotion... look online and compare and see it for your self...

nothing is free...:roll


We bought a living room set from R2G and got the Best Buy TV offer with the deal.We ended up receiving a $600 Best Buy gift card, valid 5 days after delivery (which the salesman told us and is plainly stated in the paperwork).

We were able to use the gift card AS A GIFT CARD!! In other words, we got $600 credit toward the purchase of a really nice LG 3D LED HDTV, not the Samsung that was offered.

Why y'all are having so much trouble is beyond me.As a matter of fact, I'm probably going to outfit another room with R2G furniture just to get the $600 gift card, and apply it toward the purchase of a new computer.


From working customer service and having to deal with Rooms to Go orders, I agree. The whole this is a pain. They obviously don't know how to explain things. Most customers with their gift cards have no clue that they need to bring in their paperwork with it and they only work with the TV models listed on their paperwork. A barcode on the paperwork must be scanned in order for the so called "package" to work. I was so sick of getting yelled at by customers because they in turn were frustrated by RTG, sorry but how was this my or my collegues fault? All that seemed to get accomplished was making my day ***, and sorry but let me run this by you... Would you sit there and smile and continue to try to do your best while getting cussed out by an angry middle aged couple? Please people, others actually do share in your frustration. Be kind, do not, I repeat, DO NOT take things out on the incorrect people. Thank goodness I no longer have to deal with that, I'm sure my blood pressure is happy to.

Sorry guys, but a lot of you seem to be running into sales people who have no clue what they were selling in the first place, as to see the actual deal in writing, or at least on a computer so you know what you are getting into, and what your options are. I don't think this has changed, but the gift card values are ONLY good on select TVs, Best Buy cannot fix this in store, if you want to puchase a higher price TV you will end up paying the current retail price on the...

Long story short. Know what you are getting yourselves into. Make sure to get all the paperwork and read it Before committing. PLEASE do not yell at the people who had nothing to do with it in the first place?! Also, report them to the Better Business Bureau. Companies hate being in the news, it that means they have to pay for better training then great!

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Hi, I would to tell you about our experience at RTG... This is our story:

Last year (March, 2010) My spouse and I were in desperate need of a new Mattress, our old one had put in it's time, and over the years began to sag, or as we call it " the hot dog bun effect" where u are both rolling to the middle and practically laying on top of one another. So that weekend, as my spouse was looking through the newspaper, quickly caught a Sales Ad for RTG, that caught his eye, the Ad was for a Special RTG was offering, "BUY a NEW MATTRESS and RECIEVE a FREE TV, as our GIFT TO YOU" (although we could only choose between 4 different mattresses, we thought anything would be better than what we had), So we quickly got ready and headed to our nearest RTG (an hour and a half away from home). Once entering the store, we were approached immediately and asked if we needed help, (we thought, wow that is overly great service, we felt as if we were approached almost too quickly, considering I was still halfway outside trying to get our son's stroller through the door), Anyways, we told the salesperson we wanted to look at the Mattresses from the Sales Ad. We were taken immediately to them, our salesperson was extremely friendly and made us feel very comfortable, seemed to be knowledgeable about ALL the different mattresses and how they were made and explained...

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I have purchased a LOT of furniture from RTG.I would have to say at least 5 or six times.

I have NEVER had a problem. I read the ad, I ask questions, and I do not sign until I fully understand the "deal.

Y'all just want everything your way.Sometimes you have to suck it up and realize it always can't be your way.

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