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My Fiance and I purchased a bedroom suit (Bed, 2 chests, dresser, mirror, and 2 night stands) and 2 lamps from Rooms To Go on labor day (Sept 5, 2011). The sales lady told us that it would be available for delivery the first weekend in October.

My fiance and I were very busy through October, and we were remodeling anyway, so we scheduled delivery for mid November. We ask Christy (our sales lady) if we could move back the delivery date if remodeling took longer then planned. She told us that would not be a problem at all and that our items would be in their warehouse waiting to be delivered, and they could hold it as long as we needed them to. This was great for us because we were not sure how long remodeling would take.

Taking longer than expected, we had to move back the date to late December for delivery, and unfortunately (for work reasons) had to move it back again to Wend Jan 25. Yes, this was 3 times that we had moved the date, but we were told that would not be a problem. Finally we were ready and anxious to receive our new bedroom suit. Both my fiance and I scheduled off work for the delivery/ set up.

On Sat Jan 22 my fiance was in a meeting and received a phone call that he could not check the voice mail on until much later. The voicemail was from rooms to go stating that they would be delivering everything EXCEPT the bed on Wend. They go on to say the bed would not be delivered until MARCH 8! No explanation.

Not a couple days later, more then six weeks later they are talking about delivering our bed! We are VERY UPSET! First thing Monday morning I called rooms to go. The guy that answered the phone told me that the bed had been released to another customer.

Since we had pushed back the date 3 times, apparently we were no longer "valued customers". Regardless, we are still paying customers who were told that pushing back the date was not a problem. I am very upset by this time, and unable to make since of why they would basically give our bed away. I ask to speak to the manager who told me that the guy I previously spoke with had no way to tell if our bed had been given to another customer.

His story was that they had not received a shipment from the manufacture since October. I explained to him that if this was the case then our bed should be ready and waiting in their warehouse. Then he goes on to say that the bed wasn't delivered then and would not be manufactured and shipped until March 8. "The problem is with the manufacture, not us" he said.

I told him that their store should not be selling items that were not being produced and told him I would speak with my fiance and possibly call and cancel the order tomorrow (the day before delivery). When my fiance got home from work that night he informed me that he had spoke with rooms to go, not knowing that I had spoke with them. He said that he spoke with our sales lady, Christy, who had a completely different story than the other 2 I had received. Per Christy; the delivery truck was in a wreck and it all had to be re sent.

WOW! The next day we got a phone call that the delivery truck was on the way. So basically they sent our items a day early so that we would not call and cancel. However they only brought the 2 chests and 2 lamps.

I am assuming they are bringing the rest, everything but the bed, the next day.

Nope, it never came. To top it off, when I get home and see the boxes in the living room floor, I notice that the chest box has a large red arrow pointing to the floor with the word UP written upside down!

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I understand your frustration, and do apologize for the misinformation that you received. If you can email us your order details to, we can take a look further into the matter to see what may have happened, and what options we may still have available.