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In August of 2011 I purchased a bedroom set at rooms to go I was told that it comes with a $329. gift card redeemable at Brandsmart.

When looking at mattresses the salesman steered us to a mattress that also came with the same gift card. The sales man told me that they came with the gift card because those items are being discontinued.

Well after 3 years that mattress needed to be replaced. So I had to exchange it. Now the mattress I exchange needs to be replaced. When I called customer service They explained to me that the original mattress cost me $854.09 and that the box springs cost me 216.90.

At that point I did the math. The original purchase was for 1,399.99.

Well the original mattress cost $854.09 and box spring $216.90 which would be $1070.99. Well that doesn't ad up until you add in the $329.00 for the so called "gift card"

At the time of my purchase again the sales man said it came with the set and one for the mattress.

Well I went to the store where I purchased the set and asked the store manager "why did I get charged for the gift card" her answer was that was part of the purchase. My response was it says "gift card" you don't pay for that. Her response was the same. So I asked her if she gave someone a gift card for Christmas or a birthday that she would expect to get paid back? She laughed and said of course not. The again I said why did "I" have to pay for my gift card. Her answer "That was part of your purchase". I told her that if they showed the breakdown of the entire purchase then I would have told them that I would not pay the $329.00.

Rooms to Go is a scam they never show the math on your purchase when it contains several items. They just show you the total so be aware of what your paying for. Even gift cards!

Reason of review: Gift card scam.

Monetary Loss: $658.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Rooms To Go Cons: Add on services, Poor quality.

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You couldn't do the simple math when you purchased it initially?


No, Because they don't break it down on the receipt and they talk fast trying to bamboozle you.

I also was making a large purchase. But, you are right I should have.

However that still doesn't make it right for them to list the gift card as "$329.00 gift card redeemable at Brandsmart".

So do you think that I'm wrong? Even though I didn't do you the math.