Austin, Texas
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1st time they brought the first batch of furniture the legs where lose on the couch.Did not fix the handles on the dresser,they are backwards and did not hang the picture...So thought I would catch them today when they where supposed too call when they where delivering my table and side board...Never got the call..Came home too my neighbor telling me rooms to go came by and said they where going too leave my table,chairs and side board out side at an apartment complex!!!..He let them in has my spare key for my pets..they dumped this table, side board,chairs in the middle of the room and left..nothing was put together..I mean still in boxes...nothing that was messed up the first time around was fixed...If I wanted this I would have headed to Ikea!!! Over the last year I have spent 7000.00 there..First was my bed and mattress..No issue there but this is a nightmare!!!

Best way too deal with this is not to buy there again..My mother loved the table and chair set..well consider it business lost a she was coming too purchase on too.

I have not made a call about this yet..They might came out and fix it..but too leave me in this shamble of a mess is bad business...Times are tough rooms to go!And there are plenty of hard working places that would love a few thousand bucks right now....

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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I’m sorry for any reason if you did not get the call in regards to the delivery appointment. I can ensure you the delivery personnel wouldn’t have left the merchandise outside of your home as we do not permit them to do so.

However, we would like to take a look into your account if you have not already contacted our customer care office. If so, please send us an email with your order details to