3720 Airport Blvd, Suite K, Mobile, AL 36608, USA
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I just experience extremely bad customer service from one of your stores in Mobile Alabama located on Airport Boulevard. I spoke with your manager of the store Neil who let $1000 walk out the door because he didn't want to sell the bunkbed that I wanted to buy and take home the same day because he said he did not have a something else to fill the spot.

The item was for sale as is and to be taken home by the customer. I called corporate who advised me that he would not get in trouble for letting someone buy something off the floor that day but the manager Neil consistently said that he would get in huge trouble due to corporate. Corporate also advised that this is a very bad representation of their company and will report this matter up and as a customer should not have been treated this way. This is very bad customer service and it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth and I will not be back to your store if this is how I will be treated as a customer and denied to buy furniture off your floor and I will also not be recommending your company to any of my friends or family.

This was the first time and the last time I will ever shop at your store I do hope that you do not treat all your customers like this nationwide. I have never been to a retail store where they sell merchandise and told by the manager that I can't buy the item that is currently for sale.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That same thing happened to me at a furniture store.

I picked a recliner and when asked for the delivery address , I replied that my truck as outside and I'll pull it around.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

They have to order one.

You can't have THIS one.

6 weeks.

But, as my wife pointed out, the store smelled mouldy and so I guess it's just as well.


That's not the same thing at ALL. This complaint is about a specific piece that they were selling as-is as a floor model. You're mad because they were NOT selling the floor model, and you felt entitled to take it rather than following the standard process of ordering one if one is not in-stock (because the floor model is there to advertise, they cannot sell that recliner if nobody can see it because you took it home).