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Horrible experience with this blunder of a business. My order has been messed up for two months, pieces missing, not all pieces shipped, delivery dates not set up, and partial deliveries delivered at 9 p.m.

When I purchased an apartments worth of furniture, I was never informed that my sofa was on back order. When my furniture was delivered, pieces of the bed were missing, the driver wanted to set the bed up where he thought it should go after I told him where I wanted it to go and got mad, pieces of my end table were missing, and I was informed, by the driver, that my sofa was most likely back ordered since is wasn’t on the truck. It was several weeks before I received the missing piece to my bed. My sofa was to be delivered today, exactly two months after being ordered, and the wrong sofa was delivered.

I have not had anything to sit on for two months and Rooms to Go had the nerve to offer me a hundred-dollar discount and another delivery date in August, another 2 months. REALLY??? The sofa I purchased sits on the floor in several locations, yet I was told by customer service, who is not trained to handle an upset costumer but is trained on rudeness, that it is against corporate policy to sell off the floor. I suppose it is corporate policy to inconvenience and lie to the customer.

I was told that in order to get a refund the store in which I purchased the sofa would have to issue a refund request and corporate would approve two days later then, the store in which I made the purchase would call and schedule a time to pick up the WRONG sofa, and then a refund check would be sent to me in 21 business days. The I was told that in the mean time, I could go to a Rooms to Go store that had the sofa in stock and buy it AGAIN and have it delivered so I would have a sofa. What is wrong with this picture??? I am very concerned that Rooms to Go will pick up the sofa and never send my the refund.

Horrible way to do business. Rooms to Go is awful and I WILL NEVER shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Most of what is listed above .

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Rooms to Go acts as if they care. They posted a response to my horrible experience and asked me to email the details and provided a bogus site. Lets just add that to the list of how awful they are.

@Renee Lindsey

Renee; Allow me to apologize for any miscommunication that might have occurred, is an email address not a website. Please feel free to send us the information previously requested at your earliest convenience.


Thank you for taking the time to write your report! We would love to get more information. Please email us the details of your visit along with your order number (if applicable) to


Read the post. It's full of details.