Pensacola, Florida
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I have dealt with ROOMS TO GO three times... Every time is a NIGHTMARE!!!!

The only reason I go back is because all the other retailers around have prices out the *** I recently ordered three weeks ago 6 dining chairs, a China cabinet, and a dining table ($7,000) which was supposed to be delivered the following day....RIIIIIGHT! anyhow after the furniture was delivered TWO WEEKS later, every piece was DAMAGED. With the china cabinet, the glass was broken, with the chairs they had water damage, and with the table it seemed as if a forklift hit it going 40mph *extremely damaged and no where NEAR show room quality* by the way I HAVE NEVER HAD A PIECE FROM rooms to go THAT HAS EVER SHOWN UP AS SHOW ROOM QUALITY!!! Like I said earlier, the only reason I return to the store is because local retailers are twice the price....

I GUESS YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!! if you have the time and can deal with the headaches with ROOMS TO GO incredibly HORRIBLE customer service/delivery times phone lines, than buy with them because the prices are good, but NEVER expect to recieve show room products the first time, IF NOT THE SECOND OR THIRD!!!! I hope people have had better experiences with them than i have because its a great product for the money....

IF IT WAS DELIVERED in USUABLE shape~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rycovalt,:Old expression: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. You've been fooled three times.


On October the 3rd, I purchased furniture to be delivered on the 9th. My headboard arrived witout the legs (their mistake).

Now I'm told they will get it to me on the 28th of October, 25 days after the purchase (my problem).

I'm pi##ed!!!!!

There will not be a next time. Period.


if you see on the show room floor buy that you can take home your self it is worth renting a truck that way you will know it is not damaged. i would do that with all stores