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I had a defective king mattress under warranty and was told that I would get a $3,102.00 store credit to purchase another mattress. I went to the store and was allowed to purchase 2 twin adjustable bed frame that lift head and legs with the credit. I paid a $321.00 difference and had it scheduled for delivery that Friday, Great!

I was moving out of my apartment and putting my things in storage so I left the "defective mattress" ready to be picked up in my empty apartment that I had moved everything out of... since the lady that called made it very clear that I needed to have the "defective mattress" in order to get the credit - I did just that. When the delivery drivers came they said they could not pick up without the box springs! I threw them away since I purchased the adjustable bed frame and was told that I would not use them since I was purchasing the new adjustable bed frame.

When I contacted "customer service" the supervisor told me that I was a liar and that their policy requires them to pick up both mattress and box spring in order to get the full credit. I tried calling back and speaking with someone else and every time I call they read the notes and repeat to call me a liar. They offered to give me a credit for only the mattress of $2,600 but said that I was responsible for the box springs($230+tax X 2=$500).

If I was told to have the "defective mattress" ready for pick up, how am I now the one responsible for the box springs that I was never told that were needed to return in order to get the full credit. I would not have purchased the adjustable bed frame if I needed to pay an additional $800 and obviously not have thrown out the box springs!

I don't know who else to contact or how to get someone to understand that it was a mistake of the R2G employee and not me the customer. I requested they review the call since the calls are recorded and the stupidvisor advised the call was not recorded.

Very disappointed in Rooms 2 Go and the lack of customer service. It's very upsetting to be blamed as the customer and now lose $500 because of their employee oversight in language...

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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you are an *** if you think you didn't need to return the entire set!!!!