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I wish I could give a 0 or even a negative star for my experience with their delivery service. First of all, let me make it clear that my experience at the store was not bad at all. The sales rep informed me well on all available options and was professional in interaction. It's their delivery service that was BEYOND AWFUL.

Short story:

All in all, a horrible experience with the delivery and customer care service. There is a big communication gap between sales and delivery. Store manager tells me that delivery is done through an independent contracting company. The customer care service doesn't care about your problem, they just want to avoid the responsibility. Save yourself some time, money and headache and buy furniture somewhere else.

Long story:

1. I ordered a reclining sofa from them for a specific reason. I was going to get a shoulder surgery done and needed to sleep in reclining position for several days after surgery. While placing my order on a Tuesday, one week before the surgery, I made sure that the sales rep was aware about this requirement. I was promised that if I ordered on the same day, I WILL get it over the weekend or on Monday. I was also told that I will get a call the next day with a confirmed delivery date. I did not receive any call until Friday. I called the store and they had estimated delivery on my order 10 days after I placed it. I had to talk to a couple people before getting that corrected and the delivery was scheduled to be on Monday. Had I not called them, I would not have received the sofa in time that was promised.

2. Monday morning I had to stop by work and I missed the delivery guy by 5 minutes. I had also left a note on the door with my phone number. I received a call on my phone when the driver was already waiting at my place. Why would you not call people 10 minutes before you are on the way to their place? I called the number back and it turns out to be their corporate office number in FL. I asked for delivery assistance and call gets transferred to customer care service. I had to do this 3 times. 15-20 minutes wait each time and I finally get hold of a real person. After explaining the situation, the lady puts me on hold to talk to 'dispatch manager'. On return, she explains to me that the driver is gone now and it has been 1 hour since he left my place. Of course it has been 1 hour, I have been on the phone trying to get hold of someone this whole time.

3. Delivery service is extremely inflexible. To deliver items in Raleigh, they need to get it from their warehouse in Charlotte, which is understandable. But if you miss the delivery, your order is locked and you will not be able to re-schedule the delivery until 2-3 business days. Then it will take 5-7 more days to get it delivered. So if you miss your driver by 5 minutes, you loose 10 days in delivery. Apparently, if delivery is missed in Raleigh, items GO BACK to Charlotte...WTF?? Who came up with this system? Raleigh (and Triangle area in general) has so many customers, I don't see why they cannot have a local storage in such situations and re-deliver it the next day.

4. I called store to cancel my order as any delivery after Monday was not acceptable. Store manager wanted to try the despatch manager again to see if it can be re-scheduled today again. This was at 11 AM. I was asked to wait for a call. I finally received a call after 3:30 PM only to tell me that they cannot deliver it today. If the decision was made not to re-deliver it today, why was I not notified earlier. I could use that time to make alternate arrangements.

5. At the end of all the drama, I ended up canceling the order and losing shipping and protection money (about $100). I bet they can sell that sofa to someone else and charge them $60 for the protection cost again.

Most of the steps in their delivery process don't make logical sense and nobody seems to care about it.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Review their delivery system and improve it. $60 of protection cost to be returened..

Rooms To Go Cons: Delivery, Customer care service.

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I will never buy again

If it were the last furniture store on the planet i would sit on the cold floor.after only 6 months of a living room set it is falling apart.they refused to replace it or give full refund.i will spread the word about this company.Ron Williams


Sorry to hear about all of this. I would be happy to forward your feedback to the appropriate management personnel so that this can be addressed accordingly.