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My husband and I purchased a bunkbed set W/trundle at rooms to go. When It was delivered the installers could not fit the screws in properly.

They ordered us new screws so when we moved we could replace the screws. Well, my husband is in the military and recieved orders to another state.(that does not have a RTG) When we took the bed apart we removed the screw that would not fit. The entire wood that the screw was in completely broke off. I called roomstogo customer sevrice.

The person on the other end was so rude. She told me that they did not have any appointments until the following tuesday. My husband had to report to his new dutie station that monday. I asked they could make an exception, because if you do not report when the Military says you have to report, they consider you AWOL and you get arrested.

NO!!! was her answer. I spoke with her supervisior(who had an attitured as soon as she got on the phone). Finally, after aguing for about ten minutes, she said she would have someone come look at it in our new location.

That person came out and determined the damage was due to the installers not putting the scews in properly. When the roomstogo customer service called me. They said they no longer make that bunkbed and they would give me $121.00 discount. I felt that was unacceptable so, I spoke to the supervisor.

Needless to say, she was as rude as they come. She informed me that because the bed was not even a year old, They could replace it with another bunkbed BUT, I would have to pay for shipping cost to send the bed I had back and pay for the shipping of a new bed. That would be a Thousand dollars each. Well, I paid about $1200 for the bunkbed I had.

so that would not be worth it to me. I was rudely told that was my only option. Now I'm stuck with a broken bed that can not be repaired and stuck with a $1000.00 bill. Thanks roomstogo for treating your Military customers like ***!

And, just to remind you, the Military members are the ones who give you the right to be RUDE!!!!!!

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I'm a Veteran myself and was thinking of going to RTG but after reading your post i have decided not to. I will also share this with my group at the VA Hospital!

I hope you have continued to spread your experience. People just don't understand that if it wasn't for people like myself and your husband they won't have their freedoms or their jobs that they take for granted!!!


I had been through the similar situation with RoomsToGo.....

and trying my best to convince every relative and friends, blog buddys and tweeters / facebook pals....


They are Rude, un-professional bunch of idiots taking advantage of American people, selling goods Made In 'Other than USA'.