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The first time I called our local store to find out if they had a bed I was looking for, the sales lady was totally rude. I can't believe I went to the store anyway.

I knew if I recognized her voice I would leave. I ended up with a very indifferent sales "man" who definitely reeked of a used car salesman mentality and had been there for "many years." His attitude was terrible. He proceeded to tell me they had a brand new bed in and I really liked it and wanted to buy it. He said, "oh, it's on backorder till August." I said, "I thought you said it was a new bed." He didn't care what I said the whole time.

That was evident. Then I asked him if I could buy the bed off the floor since mine had broken and because they were out of stock. He said rudely, "that's not how it works." I asked, "well, can we try?" He said, "they will laugh at me." I said, "well, let me talk to the corporate office." All of the sudden he was ready to go to his manager. His manager seemed indifferent at first, but actually ended up being pretty nice.

The problem is the corporation gives their managers no authority. Even when I explained to him that my bed had broken and I need a new one right away, he didn't give me much hope, but said he would email the buyer. Of course the buyer said, "NO!" , even though I was willing to buy the entire bedroom set off the floor and suggested they could fill the spot with a queen. The bottom line is that they are too big of a company and have gotten used to doing things a certain way because they know the masses will buy from them.

I have since bought a bed elsewhere and I never want to walk in that store again. How sad. They could have made 2500.00 and helped me out, possibly having a customer for life on some level. Even after calling customer service, the lady would NOT let me talk to a manager to voice my complaint.

I asked her if the buyer could contact me or I could contact the buyer. She acted like I was a criminal for asking and refused either option. She finally supposedly took my information, which I am sure ended up in the trash.

That being said, I was never impressed with their quality overall...just this bedroom set. In the future, I will RUN from Rooms to Go...they seriously showed me they just don't care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rooms To Go Customer Care.

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A llorar pa' maternidad!!


David, I told them from the beginning that if someone said no, that was fine. The issue here is how rude I was treated from the first phone call, the salesman on the floor and customer service.

I was not allowed to voice my complaint to a MANAGER, which is what bothered me more than anything. You seriously need to look at training your people better as far as being courteous and helpful. Had the salesman simply said from the beginning, "we don't normally do that, but I will ask", I would have had a totally different experience. It was the way he handled it and the indifferent attitude he had.

I told him that I at least wanted to try and then got the comment that he would be laughed at.

I know you are a big company, but that is not an excuse to treat people bad, ESPECIALLY on the customer service level whereby I simply wanted to tell a manger how I felt. That is unacceptable. By the way, not one person apologized for being rude.

That being said, the manager ended up being nice and at least offered to sell me a bed frame while the bed was on order. His hands were tied though, through the big corporation to be able to help anyone who genuinely had a need.

P.S. Why does it take me posting a complaint to get a response?

Couldn't you have contacted me personally instead of just trying to covernyour companies' reputation on here? Just so you know, I have NEVER ever posted a complaint online, so that should indicate how much this experience affected me.


I’m sorry to hear about your recent trip to one of our showroom locations. As our showrooms are designed to display as much as our selection as possible, the items on display are typically not for sale. While even though the set may have been on back order, we believe that it is in our customer’s best interest to keep the set available on the floor so that when a customer is looking for just the right set to complete their home, they know exactly what we have available for them to choose from.