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First of all let me begin by saying this purchase was for my 11 year old AUTISTIC child the morning of delivery 2/3/2012 my husband gets a call from the delivery people say OOPS we loaded the truck backwards so your delivery time has now changed from 9 am - 1pm to 6 pm - 10 pm!!! Already a little pissed about that!

But we change our entire day around to accommodate a company we bought a product from. Even when that evening my daughter had a car accident. We made sure our older son was there to greet them and tell them where to begin. Well 10:10 pm rolls around and we get the "MAGIC" call.

Some men saying "sir, we will be there to deliver your furniture around MIDNIGHT!!!!!" My husband was like seriously midnight? This bed is for an 11 year old AUTISTIC child who has been waiting all day for her grown up furniture to come. And then the delivery guys says oh and we can deliver everything but the BUNKIE BOARD!!! Ok, seriously if you forgot the bunkie board why bother delivering it?You cant use the bed without it unless you take the bottom draws out .

So then the delivery gentle *** says well all I can do is deliver it around MIDNIGHT and we were like that is bit acceptable. And the guy proceeds to argue with my husband over the phone, I tell him to ask for a supervisor number and he guy goes well I am just a driver. So he gets off the phone with them and just a few mins later we get a call come in from a Lakeland , FL number (we live in SC). And this lady proceeds to explain to my husband what has happened and that they would deliver our furniture at 12 midnight my husband said *** no you wont!!!

And why would you bother when you for got the bunkie board so the bed is USELESS!!! Lady continued to argue with my husband so he says let me let you talk to who runs the show in this house and hands the phone to me! I KINDLY explain the situation to the lady on the phone who is still insistent that they deliver the furniture at 12 am, I kindly explained to this woman that my daughter would have nowhere to sleep and she is a *** autistic child, ever seen a melt down after they were told something and that changes??? If you have you understand my dilemma here if not one day you will come across it sometime in you life, please when you do be understanding to the child and parents because believe me we don't want the melt down anymore than you want to hear it.The lady kept giving me excuse after excuse!

and she was like I don't understand why you are so upset m'am. And I was like "REALLY?" do you think midnight is an acceptable hour to deliver furniture? And the idiotic lady says well yes!! And I was like even considering the fact that it is missing a vital part of the bed?

She still said yes, so I went ballistic and said well I guess for you beggars cant be choosers you probably make very little money but I on the other hand came in and paid in full for my daughters furniture because unlike you we made something of our life that would make it NOT ok to deliver furniture at that ungodly hour. I said I came into your store and have on numerous times considering I have a 8 bedroom 7 thousand square foot home! and bought my Autistic daughter her grown up bedroom set. And this dumb you know what goes we are actually a third party delivery company we aren't Associated with rooms to go at all, and I was like really?

So I asked her AGAIN do you think midnight is an acceptable time to deliver furniture and AGAIN she says YES!!! Chick is seriously clueless!!!! So I said let me ask you a question do you all sit around together and smoke crack? Cause this is the craziest crackhead stuff I have ever heard, you know there is treatment places for people like you!

And she says I don't have to take this abuse and I said lady i am not abusing you verbally I just simply asked you a far fetched question since you are expecting me to allow furniture movers in my home at midnight! And she SCREAMED the customer service number in my ear and HUNG UP!!! Good thing I am highly intelligent and remember numbers very well. So I immediately call that number and it is rooms to go!!!!

And they closed and hour and a half before that. So being me I called back the number from Lakeland , FL and guess what......YEP you guessed it was ROOMS TO GO!!!! So considering what my house looks like and where we are located they would have a hard time finding us during the day at night they would never find it but I had a plan it they did I was going to answer the door to my mansion in a very prestigious area of the state in a shirt that said "proud to be white trash" ( my colleges bought it for me when I graduated grad school with two medical degrees) and a thong on hair in a sloppy ponytail and a bottle of Rum in my hand and pop my hip out and be like "oh baby I have been waitin all day for that bed, we don't need no bunkie hurry up and assemble that so we can get to real business" Just to see the looks on their faces!!!! Then let my 6'5" 295 pure muscle husband deal with them.

But somehow they never showed , man I was looking forward to role playing!!! In all seriousness I will be on the phone first thing in the morning to the local store and if they don't resolve it or even if they due my next call will be the regional manager, then I have enough connections that I will talk to the main manager at the corporate office, as I am sure the CEO/ Owner of the company is sitting back CEO'ing it like we do now!!!!

Cant wait until they open cause a few people are going to hear the mouth of the South when she is MAD!!!! And thats not a pretty site!

Monetary Loss: $2.

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I can't believe any company would consider a midnight delivery acceptable. Nobody would be delivering to my house after 6pm.

I have found a living room set I really like at RTG but I did at least have the foresight to read these complaints first. Now I don't know that I want to purchase from there or not.

I'm an elderly widow so there's not going to be a lot of wear but I just don't know. Well I haven't committed yet so I still have time to look elsewhere.


It's clear as day that "dontmakemamabearmad" or whatever her name is has ALOT of FREE time on her hands..this woman is crazy,,,just by reading her comment i got a vibe of her attitude, bitter housewife who is lonely bc her husband constantly has to be held up in a late meeting at work...(cheating) lol so we can't blame her for her ignorance we can only just feel sorry her husband unless he leaves her for his mistress.


I work for Rooms To Go and I completely got everything you were saying UNTIL you started to be abusive. The person in dispatch didn't want to be at work at midnight anymore than you wanted to be up waiting for delivery. Remember understanding is a two way street.


Sure, the customer WAS arrogant. But does that change anything?

12 midnight IS UNACCEPTABLE for a delivery in any income level.

I would not have accepted their delivery at that hour either. In fact, I wouldn't even answer the phone after 10PM.


Omg little rich girl not getting her way. The store wouldn't bend over backwards for you so now you come up with this elaborate story wth lady grow up


I can assure you that we certainly do not expect the delivery personnel to make deliveries at such an hour unless the customer is completely okay for them to do so. I would certainly like to take a look further into the matter to see what may have happened, and so that we can also address your experience with the involved parties.

If you can email us your order details to, we would love to take a look further into the matter and see what options we have available to get the situation resolved!


WOW reader and non believer could you not tell she was joking at the end ? Being a parent of a Autistic child I can understand where she was very mad!

you can not just explain to a Autistic child that they wont bring her furniture that day. And what is wrong with shopping at rooms to go if you are rich? I am just wondering? I am sure she paid a great deal for the ADULT furniture there as furniture is not exactly cheap.

And I would not buy from a more expensive store for my Autistic child because they are hard on furniture. Somehow you missed the part where she said they were insistent on delivering to her home full of children at MIDNIGHT!!!

Now that is something else. And I found the last part of the comment very funny could you even imagine the look on the rude delivery peoples faces!So back off and remember she had a illegitimate complaint!


I can't believe I'm actually rooting for Rooms To Go on this one. Wow lady, you are something else. :roll


This site is for serious complants if you live in a mantion why would you by from rooms to go, instead of a higher quality. Furniture store? Seriously :roll.